This is rebuttal & Lions Roar 🦁 to an article in Times of India by Sagarika Ghoshi

English language is not a measure of intelligence, as is evident in Sagarika’s writing- grammatically correct, but filled with biases. The Raj is still not dead in colonized minds in India. And here is proof of a colonized mind : A decolonized mind would know that PG Wodehouse and English Lit is rarely taught in Britain itself. Most in Britain attend versions of Shakespeare’s plays, but would not know Churchill from Shakespeare. A decolonized mind would question why this literature is taught in India because it is well known that Britain’s imperial desires made them produce #Racist #Supremacist #ColonialLiterature in order to influence social lifestyle, culture and literature in their Empire including on the Indian subcontinent with the innate focus to forcefully and brutally replace local Indian languages with English. A colonized mind will be pro English, claiming competency in English is India’s most valuable asset. It isn’t. Indian’s abilities to stay a cohesive nation for 75 years post independence and millennia before that is India’s valuable asset because people have been travelling across the char dhams crossing linguistic barriers since ever.

A decolonized mind would say that it is a crying shame that cricket has become so popular in India at the demise of traditional Indian, more inclusive games that do not need expensive infrastructure to play. Like kho-kho, Kabaddi, lagori etc. A colonized mind would write that India has positively imbibed much from Britain, including cricket.

A decolonized mind knows that a rising tide lifts all boats and therefore quality of life is great in Britain since they built their fancy underground being indebted to India to a tune of 45 trillion pounds. British MPs and PMs can live the same life as their common folk. Make Indian infrastructure as great, and MPs in India will be riding air-conditioned metros in India too. A colonized mind will blame the Indian MP for wanting extra security in a low infrastructure country, just to be able to do their job as a politician in a very densely populated nation that have huge crowds wherever they go.

There is enough around to observe that English education “dumbs down” the average Indian. Anglophone Indians don’t learn Maths, Science and Economics in Indian languages. In Germany, China, Japan, you learn these in their lingo, because they OWN their economy. A decolonized mind recognizes this lack of ownership of their economy by the average Indian. A colonized mind lauds the fact that Indian nationals are the second-largest slave group in Britain, working very hard to make the British economy richer. English is NOT a link language in India. Indians from Assam and Kerala can communicate without but a colonized mind refuses to acknowledge this.

Bharat needs a #decolonized grand narrative. Otherwise, the world majority sees the word Bharat and think “Bharat detected opinion rejected”. This is due to years and years of anti-bharat-brainwashing by English. In the road to #decolonization, the Indian colonized mind is ignorant of how far ahead Africa is as a continent compared to India, and yet she will want to silence the debate on decolonisation.

The British Raj is NOT dead at all in your mind if you still think European enlightenment helped India. It is India which helped Europe GAIN enlightenment and rebirth. Renaissance. A truly decolonized mind would know this fact. Renaissance is French for rebirth. Naissance means original issue or growth.

When Indian nationals who are Indian influencers read by millions of Indians, begin exotifying the great Indian #braindrain , then India does not need enemies. A colonized mind will see Indians studying in Britain as something positive. A decolonized mind recognizes just how badly brain drain impacts India negatively while pumping up the British economy. A colonized mind does not see that 1,38,000 Indians getting student visa in UK means 1,38,000 students spend all their student life money in Britain not in India. A decolonized mind sees 1,03,000 work visas to Indians as calls to be mercenaries from India to Britain, English-educated knowledge-workers who will fuel the British economy, who know Shakespeare better than local Brits.

The decolonized mind knows that Sagarika Ghose’s paymaster TOI is a brand of defending the colonization by colonizer missionaries , the ex employees of East India company Mr. Bennett and Mr. Coleman. Our present is built on our past.

Decolonisation is just beginning in India, and that she is advocating it to stop betrays her bias to remain colonized. The road ahead is a long one. Decolonization is just one small step to stop the missionaries from forcefully converting all of Hindu India using English language and English Literature as the carrot at the end of the stick.

Image Sources: British Literature Wiki, University of Delaware, TED, Sangeeta Goswami, TOI

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2 thoughts on “After All, the Colonial Raj is very much ‘alive’ – Sophie Julliard”
  1. Thought provoking. Did not realize that Indians getting work permit to Britain means Britain benefits. Come to think of it, that is true. My mind was colonized.

    1. Thanks

      Colonised indoctrination doesn’t make Arjun lift the Gandiv or Lion break own cages, the hardest part is the awareness of own cages which we are so much accustomed to.

      Decolonise India, Reinstate Bharat & Heal the World

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