A red-stained skull sits atop the head of this Aghori man. VARANASI, INDIA: MEET THE men who reside in cemeteries, use dead bodies as alters and consume human flesh. One chilling image captured a man as he tipped his head back and raised his hands before drinking from the mouth of a real human skull. In another picture we see a man sat down with a red human skull perched on top of his own whilst his face is covered in an eerie white dust. Photographer, Jan Skwara (38) from Pruszkow, Poland, was travelling through Varanasi, India, when he encountered this Aghori sect. The Aghori believe in asceticism � a lifestyle in which one denies themselves of sensual pleasures choosing instead to pursue spiritual goals. Over the course of four days, Jan learnt a great deal about the Aghori people. Known for specialising in post-mortem rituals, the Aghori people also practice cannibalism. Whilst they worship the Hindu deity, Shiva, Aghori practices are seen as being contradictory to orthodox Hinduism. Aghori people only eat the flesh of deceased corpses and often also use bodies as alters to forge a connection to the sect�s deities. Asceticism promotes ridding yourself of passion, lust, and shame. For this reason, Aghori people wear very little clothing as a way to rid themselves of any shame. They are not interested in receiving any fame or notoriety. Mediadrumimages / Jan Skwara

Aghoris Information & why is the Misinformation?

Aghori are Indigenous Bharat Civilisation Children following Ancestors who live beyond the realm of life

Shiva, the Ancestors they follow is deity of deconstruction & destruction paving the way for reconstruction.

Shivaite sects traditionally has no traditions while Vishnuvaite sects have set of customs, rules, order & pattern

Shaivaite are Leaders trait while Vishnuvaite are Managerials traits but both Diversity of Children of Civilisation Unity seeing World as BrahmoSphere for millenniums

An AbrahamoSphere ideology was born in West which evolved twice leading attack on all whom they called non-believers of OneBook written 3X

Colonisers, Invaders & Civilisational Hunters weaponised by an ‘ideology’ of OneGod ‘Supremacy & Exclusivity’ fanaticism attacked all Civilisations, Indigenous cultures, Naturalistic & Polytheistic Pagans beliefs leading to extermination of many. Those who stood up, defended, fought & didn’t surrender has been targeted by an ecosystem created in last millennium

Aghoris live beyond the realm of Living among dead smearing with the ashes celebrating the dead as another realm. Sindhu Civilisation believes Life as an energy which can neither be created or destroyed but changes form aka reincarnation.

Death invokes different reaction in AbrahamoSphere where body is buried to wait for Judgement Day in linear path seeking validation unlike BrahmoSphere where no one else judges you apart from own Actions without seeking any validation in Cyclical cosmic cycle.

Aghoris neither are part of Society to put their version of Story nor seeks any validation from anyone giving damn to misinformation & propaganda from local colonial Wolves, colonised SheepHerd & global Hunters ecosystem

100 Millions Sindhu Civilisation Children were hunted by Civilisational Hunters in MillenniumOfTrauma when Aghoris have been a last line of defence for many making them target of ecosystem

Indian Colonised society under Colonial ecosystem at home pokes wounds after global ecosystem inflicts more

Shakti of Civilisation was criminalised reducing to Tantra while Bhakti was glorified emasculating Society to be helpless, spineless & clueless. No wonder India never led successful ProActive Revolution in last 300 years.

Fake propaganda of Cannibalism was created which was peddled recently by Colonisers News Network CNN based over the Indigenous Indian Graves

Hunters who buried us for millenniums shall never apply balm, neither we beg mercy nor we expect humanity from Hunters

Hindu society has failed to decolonise own philosophy

Righteousness is eternal (Santan Dharm) & so is UnRighteousness

Righteousness & UnRighteousness is eternal, each era ends in war b/w Righteousness & UnRighteousness as per Aghori philosophy. DevAsur Sangram, Lanka Yudh & KuruKshetra War.

Unrighteousness has evolved to be Religiousness attacking anyone who is non-believer.

Sindhu Civilisation stands as the last line of defence of Righteousness like Aghoris, time shall tell if the Society can save the realm of Living while Aghoris are busy celebrating the realm beyond.

Decolonisation shall be Revolution blessed by Aghoris to teach Society how to not seek validation but lead the battle of Righteousness


Indigenous Bharat ChildrenOfCivilisation

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