Indigenous #Bharat #Hindus being the oldest & only alive Civilisation has seen it all. Legends crumble, mere mortals fly, Civilisation collapses but the eternal one goes on & on. Did all those extinct Civilisation think that they would be eternal too and if Romans, Greeks, Persian, Egyptians thought they would be eternal too. 

We are told they disappeared but not many told us what happened to them & what are the challenges for the last #ChildrenOfCivilisation 

Two ‘Supremacist & Exclusivist’ ideologies one for two millenniums & one for millennium in their pursuit of world domination (both for Bharat in last millennium) ransacked, trampled, plundered, pillaged, partitioned & badly wounded the world engulfing all but one Civilisation

For Bharat the #ChildrenOfCivilisation the only albeit but very big consolation is that we survived despite facing the worst tyrants ever knows to the Planet

The Indigenous Bharat Naturalistic, Polytheistic or the #Hindu Civilisational values has always been the target by Mlecch, the Indigenous term for foreign aggressors – invaders, crusaders & colonisers. 

Invaders control from insider whilst Colonisers from outside. The Crusaders are mercenaries missionaries out to disrobe Indigenous identity by harvesting souls by whatever means. Some of the worst crimes ever on planet were done by such so called ApostlesOfLove & ProphetsOfPeace 

World still can’t answer in last two millenniums making World peace elusive, Can ‘Supremacists & Exclusivists’ peacefully Co-exist with similar ideologies or even with Universal acceptance Indigenous like Hindus in India without swallowing them? 

The Civilisation & #ChildrenOfCivilisation paid the heavy price of survival but still the wounded vulnerable victims are in denial of wounds

>100 millions #Hindus genocide

Lot more converted & tortured

>60000 temples demolished 

Trillions £/$ robbed

Many generations suffering

1 last civilisational land divided

2 new Islamic nations carved

We faced regular upheavals & relentless struggle. 

Bhakti, our devotion nurses the wounds but we hardly celebrate our Shakti that actually kept us alive. For the Indigenous Bharat our Bhakti & Shakti is like two sides of one coin & can’t be separated. 

Either it’s our hunters or our confused colonised who segregates Hinduism & Soft Power from Hindutva & Hard Power. 

Ancient Bharat believed in equilibrium of Bhakti with Shakti 

Bharat believed in Bhakti & Shakti 


Looking inwards

Reflective, introversion & critical analysis 

Led to enlightenment & improvement 

Soft power 


Looking outwards

Extroversion, reaching out/outwards & external connect

Defends self, freedom & Bhakti too


Hard Power

Without Shakti one can’t do Bhakti

Without Hindutva there is no Hinduism

Ram & Krishan amazing equilibriums of Bhakti & Shakti too

Some of them were sugarcoated but wounded us more, one of this was Bhakti movement too

Aggressors masquerade attacks on Hindu by attacking Hindutva.

Soft turns power only when backed by Hard stuff. 

e.g Pizza, the soft power of Italy is now appropriated & sold by US helping their economy now

If our Soft power was enough then we wouldn’t be invaded or colonised. Did our soft power of Art, Yoga saved us from Invasion, crusades & colonisation.

Our Bhakti movement under the patronage of our Mlecch was also appropriated

Bhakti Movement 

The realm of Bhakti movement should have strengthened us divinely by being inclusive & celebrating our incredible Diversity of amazing Divinity within Civilisational Unity but did it?

The foundational incredible & beautiful Diversity & Civilisational Unity are two sides of the same coin but was split dissociating form each other.

It’s human nature to look at two ends, poles or extremes of Diversity but when the string which unites it or weaves the beads together is messed around, the Uniting thread vanishes & the Diversity becomes distinct entity

It’s important to understand the Western construct as the AngloSaxon AngloSphere influenced the world disproportionately & still has similar influences even on our Indigenous Bharat narrative. Those who beat us with stick hides lots of skeletons in their own cupboards while walking on the graves of Indigenous people globally including Children’s in many Residential schools, the place meant to teach & Nurture them before so called ApostlesOfLove blinded by Religion buried them inhumanly trying to convert them. How can it be ever called Religions of Love & Peace.

The Trinity in West concept is flawed & skewed fundamentally. Father, Son & Holy Spirit. The Femininity has no representation in Divinity across the Abrahamic Patriarchal Religion. There is not even a single female goddess in Abrahamic Religion. Sophia is the only one that’s Christianity acknowledges but it pagan pre Abrahamic diety as ‘Goddess of Wisdom’ (Hag Sophia) which some equates as Wisdom of God like Christ is Son of God. Christianity gradually appropriate as Wisdom of God. Mother May is treated as Saint but her claim is solely based on Mother of Jesus, Virgin Birth!!

It has variations like Binatarianism & UniTarianism (Monarchism). Hence the King Religion became subjects Religion as King was divine God. Romans pre-Christianity has believed that their Emperors were descendants of Jupiter.

Hence Christianity calls it sometimes as Kingdom of Jesus & Ministries. 

Anglo Saxon believed in Thor – God of Thunder with Hammer & his cross Angle Cross was appropriated represented in Christianity as Cross 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇨🇭 & blood shed i  spreading Christianity made it Red Cross. Hunters distort it as Swastika. Can we ask is the cross in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Switzerland 🇨🇭 flags & many more including Red Cross is Swastika or Anglo Saxons are Aryan Saxenas?

The foundational Trinity of Indigenous Bharat itself as scientific pattern in Bharat Hindu Righteousness – Dharma


Saraswati & Brahma

Maintainer-Propagator & Resources

Lakshmi & Vishnu

Recreator-Power & Nature

Durga & MahaDev

Femininity & Masculinity as 

Diversity of Divinity with Unity of Cosmos,Life & Trinity

Similarly the Vaishnavism (codes, rule, management-Bhakti ) & Shaivism (no rule,codes, disrupters, innovators & Leaders-Shakti) differences were manipulated by  Mleech Ecosystem (Invaders, crusaders & Coloniers)

Bhakti/Shakti, Sagun/Nirgun, Aakar/Nirakar differences were exaggerated is similar pattern. During Bhakti movement the only Bhakti was glorified while it’s inseparable counterpart & important life saving immunity part the defiant Shakti was reduced to just Tantra or tantric practices only. The Sagun & Nirgun (formless) division of Hindu civilisation created even more rift. Nevertheless it still failed to create as much rift as our aggressors manufactured which is the testimony of our Civilisational legacy & ancestral Defiance.

Many Sants wrote bhajan devotional hymns glorifying our Civilisational Bhagwan as Bhakti & insepereabke Shakti wasn’t celebrated much. The Shakti turned into Shakt & then Tantra Vidya. 

Some of our Universal acceptance humane values Bharat saints used the word Allah to refer to Bhagwan but not for Abrahamic ‘Supremacy & Exclusivity’ ApostlesOfLove or ProphetsOfPeace 

Kabir, Tukaram, NamDev, Dadu. SriMant ShankaraDeva. Some santa used Allah in Sant literature just as another name for Vishnu. Namdev’s describe Allah as four armed (Chaturbhuj) 

Sikh Panth Guru Ji used ‘Allah’ for our universal acceptance Humane values & not for Abrahamic Supremacy & Exclusivity 

The Bhakti movement Diversified & then divided by creating many separate sects, some of them were propped up against each other by hiding their commonality & exaggerating the Diversity into differences & division.

Nirgun Bhakti 

Guru Nanak & Guru Arjan Das was Nirgun Bhakti Hindu saints. The Nirgun Bhakti then evolved into Sikhism. The Origin, similarities, Civilisational continuum & confluence with Hinduism was undermined by Mlecch – invaders & Colonisers. For Guru Ji same Divinity but in formless form. They called Divinity as Hari, Chandee & used the names for this Divinity calling themselves as Guru, not Bhagwan.

Guru Nanak Ji was Nirgun Bhakti & by the Guru Gobind Ji era it had blended Bhakti & Shakti incredibly. 

Guru Ji wrote ‘Chandi Ka Vaar’ from Durga Saptapti in Markandey Puran 

Guru Gobind Ji venerated Durga, Chandi as Nirgun but same Godess 

Even after creation of Khalsa (pure) to protect Hindu Civilisation against the hordes of Mleech, Guru Ji wrote UgraDanti glorifying Godess

The Sikh (shisya) attire was inspired by Shiva – Deh Shiva Var Mohey

Hindu-Sikh Unity & Continuity facts:

-Who’s Hari-HarMandir?

-Why #Sikhs look like Shiv?

-Who wrote ‘DehShivaVarMohe’?

-Who wrote ‘ChandiCharitar’?

-Who’s Chandi?

-Isn’t it frm Markandey Puran?

-All Gurus were #Hindus 

-Gurus revered all Goddess&Gods

-Hindus eldest son turned Sikh

Guru Ji born in Patna & wrote most of his compositions in Braj Bhasha, Gobind Bihari was Govind Murari & Banke Bihari avatar – Yada Yada hi Dharmasya

Guru Gobind Rai & Gopal Govind have incredible unbelievable similarities.

Krishan born in prison to imprisoned parents, spent his all youth without away from without even knowing his real parents. As youth the Leadership was thrust on him & our Guru Ji father Guru Tegh Bahadur sacrificed himself too when he was beheaded when Guru Gobind Ji was only 9 years old.

झूठे है मक्कार जो कहे सिख हिंदू परिवार नहीं

धिक्कार जो कहे गुरु गोविंद कृष्ण अवतार नहीं

यदा यदा ही धर्मस्य मैं भारत में फिर आऊँगा

कभी चक्र कभी पगड़ी में तलवार चलाऊँगा

मैं बाँके बिहारी फिर पटना में गुरु बन जाऊँगा

मैं दुर्गा का सिंह🦁रण ‘चण्डी का वार’ गाऊँगा

जय बाँके ब्रज बिहारी

Guru Gobind Ji sacrificed for Indigenous Bharat Dharma against invaders

Stabbed by Jamshed Khan

Father & Guru beheaded at Chandni Chowk

Mother Guru Ma with two grandsons & Guru Ji son locked in cold room before death


9 yrs &7yrs bricked alive, then beheaded

18 & 14 yrs martyred in a battlefield

Sikhism is the latest evolution of the Civilisational continuum with great blend of Bhakti & Shakti. Mlecch – Invaders & Colonisers created rift & planted a division before making rift wider.

Invaders beheaded & killed our Guru Ji with sword & Conniving Colonisers with daggers created rift.

Chandee Dee Vaar, The Fierce attack of Chandi was written by GuruGobind Ji,who is Gobind Murari Avtar himself as Yada Yada Dharmasya…

Chandi Goddess in Nirgunq form is celebrated as the source of Khalsa ‘Panth’ – (Sect) & never envisioned separate Dharm

Chandi Dee Vaar comes as Durga Saptshati in Markandey Puran

Many KhaliHeads have distorted the version by translations 

British Colonisers couldn’t handle the energised & charged up after reciting ‘Chandi Da Vaar’. It was also great Hindu Sikh incredible civilisational family deep connect too. British discouraged ‘Chandi Da Vaar’ & didn’t allow us to recite it. British then created institutions, e.g SGPC in 1920 which was given legal act protection in 1925. I

Colonisers created Gentoo code after mistranslating our scriptures & texts from Sanskrit to Persian & then English to then insert Christianity invention of Kasta as Caste to manufacture ‘Divide & Rule’

It continues the same agenda to break the Civilisational family. It went against Guru words to become a supreme authority instead of Guru Granth & created ‘Rehat Marayada’ codifying segregational apart-hood from parental ancestral Hindus, the Hindu Gurus 

Krishan, Chankya, Shiva Ji, Guru Gobind & Neta Ji Bose Leadership Pentad has same Civilisational Defiance, Valiance & Assertiveness. Swami Vivekananda & Veer Savarkar has same Civilisational clarity in their thoughts, sadly still not seen in anyone contemporary despite century & half century later.

Regions following same clarity developed too & some who lost it, suffered as well. 

Two states developed in Bharat , Gujrat, the Land of Krishan & Punjab, the state of Ram son Luv, Lahore

Western Construct to define Bharat is deliberate distortion planted by our aggressors of millenniums by comparing Apple to Orange. Colonial Mindset & Colonial Ecosystem created by Mlecch gaslights innocent wounded ChildrenOfCivilisation nursing generational trauma. 

Few examples of distortions planted are:

-Nationalism – East Vs West 

-Aggressors Vs Defenders

-Expansionist Nationalism Vs Defenders

-Undermining Civilisational continuum by calling it just an ‘idea’ of India

-Righteous being labeled Right wing & equating ‘Universal acceptance humane Hindu values’ to Abrahamic ‘Supremacy & Exclusivity’ of Nazis & ISIS

Nationalism & Religion for West or Rest of the World is Aggressive & Expansionist while the Nationalism & Dharma for Indigenous Bharat Civilisation, Oldest&Only one alive is Defensive & never aggressive 

This comes from our Krishan & Chankya continuum who always wanted to defend only 

Gita was about defending when the compromise of 5 villages failed despite all the humiliation 

Gita Saar summary was also distorted into passivity of ‘Kya le kar aaye they, Kya le kar jaayoge’ – ‘We came to Planet empty handed & shall go that way’. This is not completely right, Krishan says that for duty, Righteousness – Dharma our ‘actions ‘is the one we always take along with us. The fundamental duty for anyone is to act for the Righteous & whatsoever is need to uphold the Righteousness. 

Bharat saw Bhakti movement which segregated Shakti damaging us & now we need Shakti movement to liberate our Lion 🦁 caged by Mlecch for millennium. The #Decolonise is long overdue & this is our modern Shakti movement which breaks the cage we are kept it for millennium. 

Chankya had foreseen the foreign aggressors & expansionist who then wasn’t happy to see the then defenders of India to lead the leadership creating whole ecosystem 

Chankya defined our unity to Civilisational Unity which we still yet to. 

-Religion Vs Dharma

Many ignorant or arrogant call us an an ‘idea’ of India. Idea only means the figment of someone imagination or how Mlecch thought of India

Neither it’s India the Foreign name & nor an idea but the Civilisational continuum of Oldest&Only Alive Civilisation 

Had #Indigenous #Bharat #Hindutva ever been intolerant or aggressive than whole Planet would have been Bharat to not see birth of any other Religion against the valour & might of Dharma 

Had we wanted Planet, the saffron wealth would have bought the whole planet or the our valour of our arms could have easily won it over.

Raja Ram glorious Ashavmegh 🐎 Horse could only & only be stopped only by Ram’s children only, no one else could have & can stop it even now provided we have clarity of Ram Rajya, the same Civilisational Clarity, Defiance & Valiance 

Raja Ram crowned the King of Golden Lanka, beautiful island in Indian Ocean to the Indigenous Vibhishan rather then annexing it to Ayodhya or letting Lakshman or Sita to be the  King of Queen

Colonial Ecosystem & Mindset distorted Vibhishan too as ‘Ghar ka Bhedi’ when actually he was the ideal brother guiding Ravan on path of Righteousness which could have saved his life too

Jainism & Buddhism also evolved more during this Bhakti movement

Foreign ideologies were allowed to spread, proselytise their faith openly & generously but not to #Hindus while #Indigenous #Bharat saints wrote Bhakti devotional poetry & hymns for their revered ones segregating Hinduism from the Shakti leading us to acceptance of passivity & in state of learned helplessness. Gradually it catapulted society into waiting for the reincarnation of our Bhagwan to come & rescue us. It’s understandable when we were caged by Mlecch to accept in that setting but it also built a cage of thoughts around free roaming Lions in Jungle. Sadly this cage is still so prevalent & still society is waiting to #Decolonise as the Shakti movement to #heal not just our wounds of millennium but also to heal the wounded World & plundered Planet

Bhakti movement damaged Hinduism when we tried to define us with Abrahamic lens undermining our Indigenous Bharat flamboyance and helping foreign Religion of ‘Supremacy & Exclusivity’ to flourish then helped them swallow us. We should have established the Mutual Respect as non-negotiable. It’s impossible to reconcile Indigenous Universal brotherhood with Foreign exclusive only Co-Religionist brotherhood. The peace & harmony can’t be established between the hunters & the hunted but can only by Mutual Respect, harmony & Love.

What are the lessons we can learn now?

-Did we ever or have we yet made Mutual Respect as non-negotiable.

-Define the Rules of Engagement before any interactions & transactions

-Ethics with Ethicals & Intolerant with Intolerants 

-Decolonise ourselves from the continuous urge, desire & need of seeking validation

-Define our identity & celebrate Unity as Civilisational with beautiful Diversity to avoid being vulnerable of division & partition 

-Indigenous local & global alliance to heal the global wounded 

After half millennium of Bhakti Movement, we need Shakti movement. To decolonise can be our Shakti movement. Mother Civilisation trains Bharat to count Lions 🦁teeth. The Colonisation & Colonial mindset cages the Lion & Decolonisation shall break the cage for ChildrenOfCivilisation to Roar again. 

Let’s Decolonise & Roar again

Let’s move to Shakti Movement now. 


Indigenous Bharat ChildrenOfCivilisation

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