Bharat Journey

• Decolonise India, Reinstate Bharat

• Bharat vs India

• Reclaiming Bharat

• Decolonising India to Bharat

• Bharat Rejuvenation

• We didn’t come this far to just stay this far

• We didn’t come this far to be held back now

A nation is usually defined as cohort of people, group or society bound by some construct like geography, land, culture, religion, civilisation or some shared story or history. The civilisation has few specific traits like core ideological values the West defined later on as religion, social structure, governance, administration, education, script, art, culture, architecture & language.

When nuances start getting diversified the subject starts getting complex. These nuances with more than 50 shades of grey gets least attention sadly. Some ignore it naively, some deliberately & some actually distort it so grossly that sometimes it takes millenniums to correct some of the very basic fundamentally small errors, like a projectile fired in space if makes an error by fractions of milliseconds/millimetre then projected trajectory over the time misses the expected destinations by light years

This is precisely how the trajectory of civilisation changed its course which resulted in painful trauma for billions children of civilisation who are still nursing millennium old deep wounds of their projectile trajectory missing its course by small margin of error and now reached in totally different galaxy making it harder to course correct now.

To fix something actually we need to know what’s exactly broken. Some of the issues are congenital which we inherit at our conception, some hereditary at birth, some developmental and rest we acquire during our journey. It’s important to identify what went wrong in our diagnostic quest. We want to treat our wounds primarily and not pursuing our journey to blame anyone. No one from the current generation is directly responsible for what we all went through but all of us can be the part of solution for generations to come. We are not seeking justice as Western concept which is more about retribution but for ‘Nyay’ which is more about healing and build memory like our immunity to protect us in future too. We can never ever get what we lost and justice for us in impossible. Even the materialistic loss is unaffordable for our aggressors to sort reparations.

Justice is Western concept with long process which is more favourable to criminals & Nyay of Bharat is victim focussed and helps more in healing of wound

We are nursing our deep civilisational wounds which are still poked (naively or deliberately). When we moan, groan or cry in pain from these wounds even our writhing is distorted as intolerant shrieks & screams by apathic ecosystem. Sadly some of our own ‘Children of Civilisation’ have amnesia, delusional or are in denial about their own wounds. We want to heal our wounds and seeking everyone not to poke them ever even if you are our own civilisational children.

We Easterners are emotional, passionate & when in pain we lose rationality making it easier for our conniving aggressors to manipulate & distort our story even more. The mannerism is specific to culture, cohort & societies and it varies from one to other. Western mannerism is considered as universal globally which is fundamentally wrong but we all have normalised this so much that we don’t even question it. When Easterners behave differently to Western standards even our own flogs us sometimes making us more sensitive when in pain or passionate to correct.

Lets start our journey from when it all began.

Bharat vs India

Bharat an ideology

We call, speak, hear, refer and talk Bharat millions of times and did we think what do we mean by Bharat. Since our narrative is Western constructed, it creates disconnect with our Eastern view point and understanding causing astronomical confusion. The way we define nation, culture & religion differs significantly from West and modern vanguards of diversity didn’t acknowledge this diversity.

We all have heard this multiple times repeated by everyone and so frequently especially in English speakers that we don’t question when they project our identity as an ‘Idea’ of India. The ‘idea’ is defined as thought, conception, notion, impression, opinion, view, belief, fantasy, a concept developed by mind or mental image. I want you to pause here for a moment & ask yourself if you actually think that India is just an ‘idea’ generated in mind. Please question this idea of ‘Idea of India.’ If you also think that India is more than idea please educate and enlighten them what we would discuss shortly.

The political, philosophical & ideological discourse has been dominated for long by this imaginary, artificial, hypothetical & subjective ‘idea’ of India. It makes it so easy for anyone to interpret or distort it as they like and call it their ‘idea’ of India. We have not seen this ‘idea’ anywhere else. If we are discussing 50 shades of an ‘idea’ anyone can call white or green as theirs shade of grey and their idea of India. Its ironic albeit sad when people familiar with India call it an idea.

India isn’t an ‘idea’ but Bharat is an ‘ideology’

We are lot more than just an idea. We are a continuum of the oldest & the only surviving civilisation on the planet. We are undermining our own glory and proud legacy of our defiant ancestors who defended our civilisation with their sweat, flesh & blood, the only one ever to survive cruel barbaric inhuman invaders, crusaders & colonisers. Many Indians themselves are unaware of this biggest foundational & fundamental fact of our glorious nation. This was kept away from our own story which still has bias from our aggressors from millenniums. History is written by victors and looking at our narrative it does not look like we have won yet. On the contrary our narrative criminalises us for being innocent & punishes us despite us being defenders.

Bharat is continuum of millenniums old civilisation which has innocent universal acceptance & humane values. It believes that multiple & diverse path leads to truth. Bharat believes truth is about perspective and respected different views rather than focussing too much about ‘The Truth’. The Truth may be the one but can have multiple perspective and it acknowledges different truth too. It actively respected, empowered and promoted diversity. The diversity was inherently inbuilt not a late add on.

Diversity & how Bharat’s Diversity was uniquely diverse from rest of the world

Uniquely diverse diversity of Bharat

Bharat had unique concept of diversity on planet, the ‘diversity of thought’. The only meaningful diversity is ‘diversity of thought’. The ‘diversity of thought’ encompasses every other diversity. Any other diversity is superficial and undermines the concept of diversity.

When ‘diversity of thought’ is inherent it automatically encourages so much diversity spontaneously and also lot more collateral advantages. The dissent, criticism was taken as diversity of thought and was encouraged, not attracting any punishment unlike many other cultures. The dhobi of Ram Rajya wasn’t ridiculed or punished for his dissent to the ideal Raja & Rajya. The non-believers, atheism, blasphemy was again regarded as diversity of thought & wasn’t even frowned upon let alone attracting penalty or punishment. There are multiple instances in folk tales, stories & history supporting this.

This diversity led to actual freedom of thought which was an catalyst to nurture & nourish an environment for scientific, literature, art, musical & philosophical advancements for the civilisation.

This diversity encouraged multiple beliefs, sects & diverse values/beliefs system, mandated people to have freedom to practise their beliefs, the same diversity insulated public from the beliefs/value system of kings/rulers and Bharat never accepted as beliefs of their king/rulers as commoners belief. The commoners were free from any interference even from their own rulers. The faiths & beliefs were considered as personal affair with no official or royal directives. The diversity has become a popular word in West where it was late add on and not inherently built in.

(The first & second world war happened in quick succession and with changing geopolitics it made West introspect. That’s when they realised that they didn’t have diversity leading to many other wars and also with colonisers shame & guilt they allowed diversity. It first allowed diversity as people who looked different allowing some immigrants to come in and then allowing diversity of choice & then sexual orientation. They still haven’t reached the stage of diversity of thought which we had it long ago.

Its also important to understand why we do care & what diversity means in day to day context. The diversity encourages humane values, respectful of others and also help humanity to adapt & evolve. The different people with different perspective see & think differently. Many pre-empt issues, many react differently and when faced with challenges the cumulative solution after analysing multiple perspective tends to be the best one. Also while problem solving it leads to better solutions. Hence diverse teams reach bigger potentials. The diversity of supremacy & exclusivity society in absence of diversity of thought becomes only superficial or cosmetic as different types of faces not diversity as fundamental concept.

Bharat had beautiful & incredible diversity unlike any other place on planet. The current Indian population is 1.4 billion and to put into context the population of India is more than the combined of Europe (including Russia), US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. All of these countries have homogenous population but India to have lot more population density with diversity & heterogeneity.

Bharat evolution

For millenniums Bharat lived happily building a great durable defiant incredible glorious civilisation.

We were neighbours’ envy & owners’ pride. We were prosperous & poverty was unknown to us. We built grand temples, forts, architects, observatories and many wonders. One important observation is Bharat didn’t build dungeons as we see in foreign castles which was used to inhuman & barbaric punishment to hostages.

We encouraged & many different thought processes evolved spontaneously along with evolutionary model

Hindu values kept adapting & evolving with many visionaries pre-empting, adapting & reacting to changing circumstances. The tolerant & liberal society welcomed it as diversity of thoughts. There was not even a single example of people protesting adapting and change. Society adapted & as human nature surely some must have distorted but that secondary to human nature not by civilisational prescription.

We then had division of labour in occupational classes warriors/scholars/business/unskilled workers as even now most modern world have class 1-4 employees or skilled/unskilled.

The geographical Bharat had many janpada working under grand umbrella of Bharat. This was the first example of democracy on the planet, the inclusive federal & respectful democracy

BharatVarsh – PanIndia

BharatVarsh, Pan India refers to land with geographical uniformity e.g. monsoon. BharatVarsh extends from Afghanistan to Burma & Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The transitional point was between Afghanistan & Iran on Eastern side, at Burma on Western side, Himalaya on Northern & ocean on Southern side. This is similar to Pan America which means only North America not South America.

Bharat was mutually respectful of small kingdoms around it who not only flourished but were nurtured & nourished in mutually respectful way, not in patronising humiliating way

Bharat indigenous beliefs & evolution

Bharat birthed many values system & most in any part of the world.

Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and many more sects came into being. West defines religion in totally different way and defining Indian values systems by Western terms created big chaos & confusion which is still so evident. Bharat saw values as duties in universal & humane values-based systems. Some even called it way of life, some religion & many experts, scholars, legal luminaries still struggle to define it as we still using limited myopic Western definitions. It’s like finding the units to measure the vastness of universe. By the time we measure, the universe expands even more. The dharma in India means righteousness & duty not the Western definition of religion.

Bharat believed in mutual respect with ‘diversity of thought’ as default. The concept of ‘tolerance’ comes from arrogant & supremacist societies who doesn’t respect ‘diversity of thought’. The supremacist see diversity as something they tolerate and see others they are tolerating as sub-servient. It’s also self-servient to them as ‘look how great we are’ after they started nourishing their colonial guilt and while the tolerated one is at mercy of the tolerant level. Bharat believed in mutual respect.

Bharat believed everything is dynamic, evolving and the only constant is change. It inherently believed in the beginning of universe, evolution & even predicted that life has inception, propagation and then destruction. Now we all know Sun as the ultimate source of energy as big ball of H2 burning fuel and 5 billion years it’ll run out of fuel leading to consumption of all planets. Bharat saw life as energy and was never at odds with science, in fact it was scientific itself and actively discovered & invented many things as it believed in multiple perspective which was a catalyst

Bharat’s diversity diversified by geography

The diversity of climate then led to more diversity with people adapting and acclimatising to environment around them, like in cold weather people ate warm foods resulting in food, spices, dietary and clothing diversity.

The geographical diversity evolved with day light saving in areas where sun rose earlier, day light saving when people slept earlier in shorter days. The food habits adapted in winter & longer sleep as high energy source with higher fat content & slower metabolism

The human adaptation to natural environment helped diversity as people stayed synchronised with nature. There is no example of people even traders going against nature to monetise or development against nature like breaking mountains, killing animals or bending rivers

The Shanti path invokes vanspati, vegetations, nature, planet, rivers, sea and prays for peace in whole universe. The prayers are for whole life & universe not about believers or non believers

The ‘Unity’ of Unity in Diversity

In modern context India did lot of campaign about ‘Unity in Diversity’. India celebrates incredible diversity anyway but the ‘Unity’ was never defined rather it was distorted. Confused Indian state occasionally mentions unity as being Indian. India isn’t just a landmass or nation who got freedom in 1947 or is it anyone’s subjective ‘idea’ of India. It’s sad that not many mention the grand unity of ‘Civilisation’ the same Bharat. Being ‘Children of Civilisation’ unites the whole subcontinent. Unity in Diversity turns trite motto unless we define what’s unity is, it’s civilisational unity.

Wish we had defined our civilisational unity and India could have had been more stable than the turbulent times it faced in last millennium.

Ancient Bharat celebrated diversity & had clarity about what united Bharat, the civilisational unity

Script, education, beliefs, art, architects & institutions

We wrote Yoga, music, Kamasutra, astronomy, metallurgy. The language, dialect and script evolved with geographical variation too. The music of all Bharat with regional variation still have common Indian classical music as base. The musical shastra Sangit Ratnakar was written a millennium ago in 10th century is still not translated as it is in Sanskrit script of Sutra sheli & not many who can translate

The culinary unity is still so evident that even now if you visit any market of India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari at 1700 in evening across India, one can get samosas frying all across India.

Bharat there is traditional colloquial saying that if you throw a piece of stone (stone throw) in sky it’ll reach temple or dharamshala or piyaoo water (piyaoo at every 1 kos- 3.2 km or 2 mile) Basically at stone throw there is temple, dharmshala or watery.

The temple was an institute for praying, spiritual education, religious ceremonies and home for homeless.

Gurukul provided formal education with organised curriculum catering to diverse needs and skills based education was the centre of education. The education system of Bharat was not same as current classroom didactic lectures based but it was more skills & competency development with analytical thinking. Hence modern India post 1947 hasn’t innovated as much as ancient Bharat did.

Gurukul education was in native languages across Bharat with fixed curriculum

Dharamshala was the place to stay while travelling, conducted ceremonial non-religious social functions and social functions

Bharat as civilisation was cruising, evolving in synchronicity with science, academics, art, music & educational activities. The educational surveys made an observation by William Adam. In his first report, he observed that there exist about 1,00,000 village schools in Bengal and Bihar around the 1830s. This statement appears to have been founded on the impressions of various high British.

By 18th century it was estimated that Bharat had >700,000 gurukuls & it received no grants from state. It was funded, managed and organised locally with structured curriculum achieving 100% literacy. Coloniser Macaulay advocated anglicising Indian to ‘civilise’ them. Sadly, this anglicised is still considered as elite.

We built best universities on planet, science made a big leap, art flourished, architect built the grandeur which is even now sight to behold now

Bharat built best universities, Nalanda was big university teaching many diverse subjects and it had approximated to 73 departments even included aeronautics

Indica the book by Megasthetena & the travel records by Faxian, XuanZang, Yijing, Minhaj-i-siraj and Chaglo-Tsaba Chos rje-dpal Aka Dharmasvamin cumulatively points to the Nalanda having close to 70 departments. Even Max Muller had recorded & proven >29 department & could not discount or dismiss it.

There are records of Lhasa Tibet university professor swaps. Lhasa Tibet is called the forbidden city of the world & also at the highest altitutude which is currently encroached as China understands the significance of this important city. The records also came from professors who visited Nalanda as part of professor swaps. The recorded that dietary & food habits that they found same food in Nalanda as it was all around Bharat. The diet had uniformity with in diversity of India

The geophysics in astronomy was to check dimensions( x y z) & they calculated 11 dimensions

The concept of relativity is well known to Bharat with different speed of time in different loka and the concept of dimensions were also well known. The modern world knew three dimensions as 3D.

The time is considered as 4th dimension. When we talk about multiverse that’s 5th dimension

Mandukya Upanishad describes four state of consciousness. The fourth state as Turiya transcens absolute (sagun) & relative (nirgun). When we say man ki gati it referred to time & space.

Śaktisandhāne śarīrotpattiḥ शक्तिसन्धाने शरीरोत्पत्तिः (sūtra I.19)

There are 11 dimensions of the Universe, which are elaborately described in the ancient scriptures. There are in fact, five unit dimensions which are length, breadth, depth, time and space.

Adding time and space and combining these 5 basic unit dimensions with each other leads to 11 dimensions of the Universe

This also refers to Parshuram who was in Mahendra parvat near Orrisa but reached Mithila nagri by travelling in dimensions – time travel when Ram broke Dhanush to marry Sita.

The scientist Bharadwaj had worked on aeronautics written five shaastra – vimaniki , udayayan shastra etc. Sh Tallapade flew plane in1895 which was sponsored by Gaikwad & 82 minutes & flew for km & half) The colonisers stole our story & it wasn’t coincidence that Wright brothers flew another plane 8 years later.

Bharat did significant work on plants & chemicals too. They Auyrveda evolved and it still is scientific & evidence based medicine. In last half millennium the aggressor didn’t let research or any advances occur but they discredited it. In fact this was precursor to allopathy which started at natural herbs based medicine system. Ayurveda didn’t just studies medicine & chemicals but also the side effects.

It was even working on the Rasayni vidya to hasten ageing & quicken growth to enable growth of an year in just a month. The dental surgery used gold filling which we still know as stable & germs free metal which body doesn’t take as foreign body.

The metallurgy and mining techniques advanced too. India had perfected the art of iron which wouldn’t rust and many of the architect are still evident.

As per the Surya Siddhanta, a 4th-century astronomical treatise, Ujjain is geographically situated at the precise spot where the zero meridian of longitude and the Tropic of Cancer intersect. Bharat considered this as navel of earth before colonisers replaced with Greenwich but is still called “Greenwich of India”  The almanac panchang considers Ujjain as central meridian of Bharat

The earth revolves around Tropic of cancer and it crosses Mahakal temple & MangalNath temple of Ujjain and also Somnath temple. Manglantah temple is considered as birthplace of Mangal (mars) & also the closest point from Earth & Mars.

Surya Mandir of Konark has Sundial with 8 spokes for calculating time of the day and also moondial too. Sundial has 8 major & 8 minor spokes with 90 beads in between for timekeeping.

Surya mandir Konark has stone with 24 spokes for 24 hrs reflection on it and sadly many of our knowledge and texts were robbed from us.

(Ujjain geographical & compass doesn’t show deflection because of strong magnetic fields like Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda triangle mystery was solved after methane gas was found underneath)

Trade, governance

We traded with all other empires like Roman, Persian, Mesopotamia, Egyptian and many more. In traditional barter system we accepted Gold only as there was nothing else traders could offer us which we didn’t have in Bharat. Hence India was called ‘soney ki chidiya’

We travelled along Indian ocean built alliances but never were expansionist or aggressors.

The ‘Indica’ by Yunan ambassador Megasthena also confirms that India never invaded, caste system was professional & not birth based

We believed in democracy. When Raja Ram wins Lanka war & he had won beautiful golden Lanka surrounded by ocean but he empowered local democracy. He could have easily occupied or created another empire but he reports that his own home is his paradise & returns home.

The journey of Ram in exile & then Pandavas across Pan India was again the continuity of BharatVarsh when people roam around freely across India despite different janapada & kingdoms

Our projectile trajectory & another one from dark side of moon

East & West

Our civilisational values entered into complacency & we gradually took it for granted that everyone is as ethical as us. We started ignoring basic fundamentals rules of engagement & this fraction of millisecond/millimetres changed our trajectory by light years & we now millenniums later are at total different solar system than we projected

As times evolved in West & middle earth the totally different & unbelievable values system from Bharat took over which believed what they thought was ‘supreme’ with concept of one god one truth & ‘exclusivist’ excluding everyone else who didn’t agree. To have such extreme views it needed total submission, the ‘diversity of thought’ was big challenge for them & it produced commandments diktats. Such draconian values needed more rigid & extreme control which led to growth of regimentals institutions. This led to subservient people fully submitting to the authorities who then created set of ideas to discipline public into some order & it then led Christianity beliefs controlling West. Just in few centuries after Jesus crucifixion it gained full control. Over few centuries later Islam followed similar route in middle earth with similar ideology which changed the course for millenniums & world

Christianity & Islam both have same Abrahamic template of supremacy & exclusivity. Between them it started a big civilisational war of global domination, spread & control.

Within each religion there has been division on similar line like Catholics & Protestants and Sunni & Shia. Christianity & Islam fought multiple wars outside & within for control.

The race between two beliefs set off horrific barbaric crimes, genocide as them being invaders, crusaders & colonisers.

The Nazism & Fascism were fundamentally Christian extremist ideology.

The Secularism was born as protection from religious interference & control. Just to point out here that secularism was protection from supremacist & exclusivist controlling & interfering ideology which also translated that religion of ruler as the religion of state.

I also want to point out difference of Bharat universal, innocent & humane values which never interfered in state, or tried to control & also never believed that ruler religion/belief as state/commoners belief. The ecosystem of India imported criminalised irrelevant terms for India and kept flogging Bharat. The application of Western rules for Bharat is like playing kabbadi with cricket rules, understandably it would lead to chaos.  

Religious extremist & Nationalism was exploited to fuel & fund many wars in West leading to destruction many times, hence Religious & Nationalist had slightly negative connotation. West uses this very smartly. Christian identity is protected from this religious scrutiny. Ironically they would refer anyone as Nazi/Fascist without ever mentioning that it was Christian Right wing values. When they mention Hindu nationalist, it serves Western biased purpose of undermining but have they ever suggested Hitler, Mussolini, Churchill or any monarchs as Christion fundamentalist or nationlist. East India company was an colonial conglomerate with Christian fundamentalist & nationalist but these values/ideals are protected from scrutiny.

The Right & Left were unanimous & had no disagreement about Abrahamic values, sovereignty or territorial integrity but it was about ‘control’. Right believed control for Abrahamic values but Left were advocates of commoners control. The Right & Left both were installing statues of liberty in West while colonising, robbing & taking liberty away from East.

The Secularism was born was protection from religious interference & control

The religion & then nationalism fuelled many extremist ideologues fighting many ravaging wars among warring Western states to as domination.   The French revolution culiminated into many revolutionary wars.  Napolean was military  led many and West went through multiple barbaric wars in attempt to dominate  wars among many European nations for long & Napolean imapacted

Post Napolean the Right in West meant Abrahamic supremacist & exclusivist extremist but Bharat has universal acceptance.

Bharat respects diversity and calling us Right we are wrongly appropriating criminalised Western term to demean great civilisation

Hindutva is misunderstood by West and they can’t get their head around Hindutva & Hinduism concept. The ‘tva’ means essence like Gurutva means gravitational force, the essence of gravity. Christian & Christianity, Muslim & Islam is similar as Hindu & Hindutva. The religion which is most studied, criticised & distorted is somehow made out to be ‘intolerant’ in Anglosphere.

When projectiles collided. What went wrong for us to fix it

Many naturalistic, polytheistic, indigenous & natives all across the world were exterminated, genocide, murdered, robbed, converted & humiliated. Gradually land was split between either of aggressors’ ideology. Many nations, society & civilisations vanished from the face of earth while so called messengers of love & peace were spreading their messages.

Both faiths reached India too, Islam though it was appeared late was first to reach India first as traders than bandits before invaders.

When Bharat dealt with them, there was a big simple basic error changed the destiny of Bharat generations & the trajectory course of our projectile.

Mleech came either as inhuman invaders or conniving Colonisers masquerading Colonialism as Capitalism, both declaring their one insecure god Supremacy & Exclusivity





The East India Company for Bharat & West India Company for Indigenous Indian homies of America. The New York was first New Amsterdam after Dutch Colonisers & turned New York after Duke of York, the English Coloniser

The Indigenous Bharat are asked most frequently that how come Mleccha-Invaders & Coloniser could rule over us?

The answer is very simple but find it beyond disbelief that we still can’t narrate it clearly.

We didn’t define the rules of engagement with these savages & took them as ethical as us. Their different beliefs Bharat took as ‘diversity of thought’ but its impossible for Supremacist & Exclusivist Mlecch to reciprocate the respect the innocent Bharat granted them

Bharat has highly advances ideals like ‘Pran jaaye par vachan na jaaye’ and it had rules for everything including love & war but it had to deal with aggressors who shamelessly claimed that ‘There is no rules in love & war’.

The Civilisational Bharat had rules of everything including love & war but the uncouth uncivilised savages who faked to civilise us forgetting that We are the Civilisation, the oldest & the only one.

We dealt Ethically with UnEthical savages without defining any Rules of Engagement with such savages and that’s the only thing that wounded us.

We fought between sunrise & sunset, only between the equal ranked people who were willing to fight war, never attacking once without weapons or sought forgiveness. To attack children & women was absolutely no go but

Bharat rules of war was to fight between men who have come prepared to fight war, between equal ranks, outside habitable places in an open field away from kids & women, with no one attacking in from behind, out of sight or unarmed. Despite this if looser seeks apology it victor had to forgive him returning all his possessions. This was such high civilisational values of Bharat

But Mlecch bandits & mercenaries attacked inhumanely in dark night in dark when unprepared, kids & women alike, robbed, stabbed in back and was ruthless claiming children & women as trophies barbarically. Gradually bandits built up wealth like this but Bharat kept sticking to high civilisational ideals.

One can’t deal any inhuman savage having this focussed clarity with humane ethics. If ADharma evolves, the Dharma has to evolve too and that’s exactly was the Gita Gyan of Krishan, the actions of Maryada Puroshottam Ram and the life of Guru Gobind

The lesson still relevant today & we are yet to learn is that we need to define Rules of Engagement & MutualRespect has to be Non-Negotiable

If we have two teams playing a game with only one following very tough & strict rules for anyone standard while others who are ruthless, supremacist & exclusivist its not surprising who would win.

The Ethics only with the Ethicals & can’t play Indigenous Kabadi with Mlecch  Colonisers Cricket Rules.

Assert our universal acceptance values & sometimes it needs assertion like Raja Ram & Krishan did.

Two ideologies competing to divide planet, the one found home in West, Global North & other in Middle-East and both targeting the last bastion, the Indigenous Civilisational Bharat but many Children Of Civilisation not govern even aware of this civilisational battle we are in

Bharat innocent belief of being right & just gave them confidence & this over confidence caused bled Bharat too. We should have defined rules of engagement & if we couldn’t then we should have just simply changed the game. To still play game with someone not following rules will lead one to loose.

Bharat with ‘diversity of thought’ & multiple janapada fell into conniving inavders & colonisers ‘divide & rule’ nefarious plans.

Bharat was genocide, plundered, robbed, ransacked, divided and then kept apologetic

Bharat lost >100millions lives, >60000 temples were demolished, >$ Trillions & Trillions were roobed. >45$ trillions just by colonisers and many generations were destroyed.

S.K Lal, In his book, Growth of Muslim Population in Medieval India estimates that about six crores to eight crore (60-80 millions) Hindus and Buddhists were killed in India between the year 1000 and 1525, due to the Islamic invasion of the Indian subcontinent

The economist Utsa Patnaik calculated 45 trillion $ from colonial India by British alone

Richard Eaton, History Professor in University of Arizona in his article “Temple Desecration and Indo-Muslim states”, claimed that 60,000 temples were demolished under Muslim rule in India and also claimed that it could be even 80,000.

Our destruction funded growth, prosperity, arrogance & ignorance of West

We are kept apologetic. The crimes of invaders & colonisers are whitewashed/greeswashed to hide the glory first & then pain, trauma and suffering of Saffron

Invaders & colonisers defined Bharat complex ideas and totally distorted it to suit their ‘Divide & Rule’  agenda. Hinduism doesn’t conform to Western idea of religion. The caste system was exploited and the narrative was created that it was all caste robbing each other. No one dared to ask, had it been the case than our wealth would have stayed in India & won’t be exported to build Western prosperity.

(Macaulay changed our educational medium. English were set as pass percentage of 2/3- 66% and colonisers called Indians as half smart and set 1/3 for Indians hence 33% pass marks) ??cologuial no reference

Invaders were credited to build architectural marvels but we didn’t ask why did they not create such monuments in the places they came from.

Indians fought the Western wars whom supremacists called as World wars, our soldiers died & bled for them, were even experimented medical drugs as trials. Our non-violence advocates & preachers actively recruited for Indian soldiers fighting colonisers wars.

World war victors then created institutions as a façade to perpetuate control. The ‘vanguards’ of democracy created UN & ‘veto’ to actually subvert democracy.

Physical decolonisation, road to freedom

India (foreign name) created this myth that India is an ‘idea’ of coloniser who was merciful enough to free India to make this idea realty.

This was the fundamental difference & diversification in freedom struggle, two groups emerged – Garam dal led by Swadeshi Bharat Lal, Bal, Pal while Naram dal was led by Gandhi, Nehru & Congress party.

Ironically the Congress party was founded by coloniser AO Hume who was Itawah administrator Police officer in 1857 & fired in 1857 first freedom movement but in 1885 in Poona he created a party to serve as dialog between English coloniser & Indian natives. Not surprisingly the Congress party was dominated by all Western educated English speaking & behaving like English, Gandhi, Nehru & all big leaders in Congress party had same characteristics more or less. Congress for very long maintained the demand of dominion status & not full independence or Liberty as Neta Ji called. This fundamentally created a division in independence struggle,

There was another religious division was brewing which took momentum after fall of Ottoman empire & Khilafat movement. This movement was originally for establishment of Islamic caliphate but it was whitewashed in history as Khilafat (opposition) to British. This dying movement was resuscitated then patronised by Gandhi, Nehru & Congress which later turned political party for Muslims as Muslim league demanding division of India on Islamic ground. It led to first Islamic state in world which was created as Islamic Pakistan after dividing civilisational India into Muslim Pakistan & Hindu India.

The transfer of power empowered colonial ecosystem who continued colonial prismed history & identity. The colonised took over from colonisers. Imperial Administrative service IAS, Imperial police service IPS, Imperial judicial service, and all imperial service ‘I’ stayed the same, but it meant Indian without much fundamental changes. The colonial infrastructure was laid out to rule over uncivilised uncouth natives not to govern India.

The colonisers practice of ridiculing & denigrating Hindu customs, beliefs & festivals now had state patronage. English became the language of elites, all jurisprudence & correspondence was done in English. The natives were humiliated for not knowing English and many were even ridiculed for their accents & pronunciation which then alienated them from mainstream

After millenniums of struggle India as know now with foreign name India was born on 1947.The colonisers transferred power to colonised and it created newer colonial ‘idea’ of India among civilisational continuum Bharat. The story of independent India is the story of India & Bharat

Decolonising & Healing wounds

To free our land from invaders and colonisers physical occupation is called freedom but to free from intellectual occupation its is Liberty. Gandhi wanted freedom & Neta Ji wanted Liberty

Every nations defines their own identity, history & narrative but 1947 missed this golden opportunity to define us leading to chaos since then. The churning ‘manthan’ in society is ongoing but its expected that some some ‘halahal’ poison shall be extracted too before it releases ‘Amrit’ nectar.

We invoke our Mahadev who shall save us again by consuming ‘Halahal’  by NeelKantha to deal this

The Mahadev and Bharat Ma both consumes only poision but leaves nectar Amrit for children. Only such divine powers get third eye and only such divine powers can do Tandav. When they do, the universe trembles.

We seek refuge in Mahadev & Bharat Ma, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

O Mahadev, we need Neelkantha for ‘halahal’.

To decolonise by indigenous not colonial modelt

Our intellectual occupation is still ongoing and India hasn’t decolonised yet. In fact the Indian journey to decolonise hasn’t properly started yet. Ironically it still led by colonised & anglicised in their mythical anglospehere, some of them even ridicule same commoners whose voice they pretend to champion.  None of the decolonial literature or work is in natives languages. Its like playing our kabbadi with colonisers cricket rules in colonisers stadium with colonisers as umpire with sole authority to change rules anytime. Even against all these odds if we start to win, they change the rules again. University & academics have western control who edits journal. Once Bharat starts making some progress they change the rules like how colonisers McAuley changed the educational language medium & by just one stroke of pen he declared all Bharat as illiterate

If we can’t be the equal stakeholders in setting the rules, we can certainly change the game.  We need to break this colonial mould. The commoners whose story it is, they are are not included, not trusted/respected to lead their own decolonisation & sometime even humiliated

The conniving invader/coloniser, colonised identity, destroyed history & distorted narrative makes it tough for Bharat to decolonise. We distort ‘Vasudhaiv Kutambkam’ for aggressors as guest but dislike our own. We have normalised our self hatred when we say – don’t be like typical Indian, mocking Indian accents, glorifying when we compliment them by their resemblance to angrez or gora.

Unless commoners use their own voice & own words to write their own destiny, India shall not be liberated.   Hence ‘Children of Civilisation’ need to make sure the path to decolonise goes villages, taluka, gali mohalla taking commoner in our journey to decolonisation

Same way English has become the sign of intellect & class distancing commoners from the discourse who are ridiculed for their pronunciations, accents, spelling mistakes, grammars etc to keep them apologetic for their being native identity

Even the identity of success in India is still deeply colonised, hence celebrities or commoners turn celebrity they take that colonised role of sermonising natives Hindus about their beliefs & customs.

The colonial baggage damaged long after colonisers left. The fight for dharma righteous was distorted to non-violence to flog oneself. India lost war to small aggressor neighbour & then China before realising that barrel of guns can’t be replaced with saintly preaching to hunters.

Even a Bollywood actress was ridiculed just because she didn’t speak good English & didn’t follow Western mannerism. We empathise Jews genocide rightly but we are not only amnesic but gaslight >100 millions of our civilisational children. I like to suggest can current children of civilisation not do their one week shraadh ceremony annually. It can help their tarpan and shall also heal our own wounds  

Ideologically India has diverse heterogeneous population who are nursing deep civilisational wounds. The wounds if allowed to fester for long can turn gangrenous needing amputation sometimes, 1947 was such amputation too.

If we condense Bharat story into 3 hour Bollywood movie, there are many vested interests who focusses on 10-15 mins of story to suit them.

Sadly when Bharat cries because of pain, trauma & civilisation the ecosystem makes it as intolerant shrieks & screams. This wounded Bharat was gaslighted for long, ridiculed & denigrated despite being innocent which led to awakening. When the colonised India freed in 1947 ridicules millenniums old Bharat, this awakens Bharat. This awakening changed the political landscape & catapulted current leader Modi to helm. Many credit Modi for awakening are the one who ignore the massive awakening standing behind Modi.

Indigenous hybrid model

India experimented with socialism trying to copy Western idealism of socialism, missing the fundamental nuances that socialism of West was built on foundation of colonialism which masqueraded as capitalism. Essentially West robbed neighbours & other to create socialism/prosperity at home.

India was the one who was robbed big time & engine of socialism needs fuel of taxes which clearly we couldn’t sustain, it was flawed concept to begin with. The main chunk of agricultural income is tax free making it harder for coffers

1991 liberalisation opened up & swayed towards capitalism. The colonised ecosystem either idolises European socialism or American Capitalism. But they don’t acknowledge that Europe growth was funded by colonialization & robbery. They now maintain control & growth it with stringent taxing regime in homogenous population. The US fundamentally is still a colonisers country who occupied indigenous land, created a fake independence and built a country with lots of resources. The capitalism somehow doesn’t support deprived section that much & US could ignore them.

India doesn’t need to copy with Europe or US but we shall have our own hybrid model like our khicdi or 50 shades of grey. Modi himself as a commoners and now at helm for more than decade & half understand this. Hence he is providing support to deprived but also encouraging job creation by investors. The hybrid socialism & capitalism model.

Bharat in Indian success

The civilisational values of Bharat helps many Indians in many ways we don’t appreciate. Its not coincidence that Indians are doing so well globally. Their fundamental beliefs of karma detached from results, mutual respect, Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam to assimilate, pursuing multiple paths, adapting & evolving, diversity of though, celebration of diverse colourful festivals, family support and many more help them achieve higher potentials. One can easily connects the dots of Bharat civilisational values, even in the recent interview of Dr Swati Mohan from Nasa who was recently famous as The Lady with Bindi in NASA Mars mission

• We didn’t come this far to just stay this far

• We didn’t come this far to be held back now

JagadGuru, Healing our wounds along with others

JagadGuru – Peace for Children of world

It is civilisational values of Bharat which helped Bharat managing Covid and now helping world with Covid vaccine. We are the only one who is helping others unlike  Western powers who have stocked twice or three times the vaccines they need rather than being thoughtful of others

Bharat suffered like many other indigenous polytheistic naturalistic aboriginal maori pagans all around the world and as Bharat Ma mother of civilisation JagadGuru prescription to create an alliance against the forces who destroyed not just us but ransacked planet and we haven’t seen peace since them

Europe, US & all other major countries who are powerful now had defined their identity long ago, many few centuries ago but we in India who had oldest identity has still kept it very khichadi like our meal

As our civilisation traverse through this unique epoch and we see unprecedented civilisational awakening we can channelise energy by defining us & decolonising India.

Every nations defines their own identity, history & narrative but 1947 missed this golden opportunity to define us leading to chaos since then. The churning ‘manthan’ in society is ongoing but its expected that some some ‘halahal’ poison shall be extracted too before it releases ‘Amrit’ nectar.

We invoke our Mahadev who shall save us again by consuming ‘Halahal’  by NeelKantha to deal this

The Mahadev and Bharat Ma both consumes only poision but leaves nectar Amrit for children. Only such divine powers get third eye and only such divine powers can do Tandav. When they do, the universe trembles.

We seek refuge in Mahadev & Bharat Ma, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Also, consider having sub-headings and regroup the relevant topics under suitable heads.

Pool similar ideas appropriately so that we can publish it as a two-article series-

For instance- your concept of Bharat and its civilizational pre-eminence in ancient times as one part

Eventual transformation of its unique Bharateeya tattva in contemporary times as second part of the series

Foreign tales – Megasthenes, Herodotus, Sikander, Sanyugan, Phahyan, Hwansang, Ithsing – India Old Days


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