Is it irony or hypocrisy how the labels of Nazi, Fascist, bigots, fanatics, extremists etc are flying around tagged on anyone who disagrees but no one has defined what it means?

Is it a coincidence as flaw or design of the ecosystem that hatred is being fuelled more & more against every community dividing the world poles apart? Even the definition of gender, men & women is being challenged to trample the communities already wounded by Patriarchal bigoted Hunters inflicting millenniums of trauma.

Let’s cut to the chase & define what these labels are

“Any ideology or personality believing in own beliefs ‘Supremacy & Exclusivity’ to then exclude all non-believers by either attacking them to convert their beliefs by not respecting or dehumanising them.”

This may sound very familiar to any believer of Religion or readers of Books of so-called gods, son of god, prophets or messengers.

The same ideology roots in the idea of fake god & pursuit of global domination in the name of fake Religion created by a few Patriarchal Men as Hunters to legitimise hunting in the name of gods.

Millenniums of Trauma is being inflicted in the name of fake Religion by Patriarchal believers as Apostles of Love & Prophets of Peace who spared no Love or Mercy to any non-believers, caging WoMen, trampling LGBT, swallowing Civilisations & dehumanising every Indigenous globally.

Hunters ‘ideology’ hunted Righteous Lionesses & Lions, killed more than billions of innocent HuMans in flesh & blood while also trading who were left behind in Slave markets, invaded & colonising continents, redrawing the borders, splitting the land like slices of cake incising with scalpels while keeping evolving with time. In the name of Religion first to then faking to Civilise us & now to save our HuMan Rights in the name of fake Democracy by SACRIFICING MERITOCRACY at the altar of their fake God.

Little do the Hunters know, the Lions are evolving a lot faster than them but the Lions aren’t the Hunters. Lions shall hold the Hunters accountable but without hunting the Hunters.

To heal the world is Righteousness & if any wound is inflicted on the innocent then we would become hunters too. And if ever becomes like bastard Hunters then we would have lost the battle even after winning the war.

The pursuit of healing ain’t the same as global domination.

Sane & scientific in Society must stand with Lions offering the choice to rest of the world, to choose Hunters or Righteous Lions 🦁 The Choice is yours & ours.


Indigenous Bharat ChildrenOfCivilisation

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