World from the inception has been dynamic with Climate changing continuously every time 

Ironically the loudest voices of the Climate Change worrying about Green Planet today are those who defends the hunters warming the Earth by burying us in last two millenniums making the Planet Red

Right Winged OneGod fanatic Civilisational Hunters hunted Civilisations after Civilisations buried Indigenous globally caged WoMen trampled LGBT wounded World & plundering Planet every nanosecond incising more wounds bleeding by million cuts

OneGod fanaticism is the biggest virus killing most not just humans but every life too infecting every single organism on the Planet evolving into many variants globally adapting local environment 

Ironic when children of Colonisers & Hunters screams loudest as the voices of the climate change but never holds own ancestors accountable

The criminalistic and cannibalistic desire for world dominance inflicted the worst trauma on the planet. 

How can you actually fix something when you actually don’t know whats exactly broken? 

Indigenous globally are buried under their own feet upon which the sermons of human rights are delivered.

27,000 trees are chopped every day just to wipe the western asses 

Indigenous belief of illuminating the ancestral spirits path by fireworks is criminalised, but the children of hunters celebrating fake New Year while getting drunk & drugged is glorified

Those who burned the innocent healer, women calling them witches for centuries, are faking as the woman rights fake feminists champion

120 million trees chopped annually on the Christmas for the tradition originally meant to humiliate the indigenous Pagans sacred Trees faking as Christianity

Animal rights are at the mercy of the criminals, running abattoir and slaughterhouses.

Lives are sacrificed just to stimulate & scintillate the taste buds but the lectures are also delivered by such hypocrites

Totally understand if anyone fancies meat but one can’t be holier than thou sermonising others. One can’t have it both ways


Indigenous Bharat ChildrenOfCivilisation

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