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Legends crumble & mere mortals fly sometimes. The Civilisations collapses & the Children suffer. 

Many Civilisations have departed, been dead & gone for long but our Indigenous Bharat is the only one giving hope to bring back all the Civilisation to life hopefully. 

To seek the justice & healing of the wounds is the fundamental pursuit for the human society to help the cosmic evolution. As we evolve & look forward, it’s very important to know where we have come from to not only know the trajectory but also to course correct making sure either we don’t get lost or become extinct.

Let’s look back if the history has been his story or the real history of Mohandas Gandhi.

Gandhi stayed in South Africa for 21 years 1893-1914 before the so called event at Pietermaritzburg train station when Gandhi was found in the Whites only wagon but how did he get on the same wagon & who got the ticket for him when it was meant to be Whites only wagon. 

Gandhi evidently was Racist himself & the the British Colonisers agent in South Africa.

The racist colonisers had created an apart-hood segregational policy of Apartheid where they had two doors, one for white & other for non-whites. Gandhi instead of opposing the segregation campaigned for the third door for Indians refusing to share with Indigenous Black Africans whom he called Kaffir, the derogatory term used by Muslims for the Indigenous Naturalistic Polytheists Pagans ones who doesn’t see Islam as the only truth or non-believers infidels.

Gandhi active championed Indians to be the loyal subjects of the British Empire. 

Gandhi in 1903 when he wrote a letter to the colonial British government declaring, “The white race of South Africa should be the predominating race.”

British colonisers increased the toll tax in adding to the more exploitation & misery to the Indigenous Zulu leading to Zulu Uprising or Bambatha rebellion in 1906 when British colonisers killed nearly 4000, prisoned & punished inhumanly 10000 Indigenous African Zulus. Bambatha was either beheaded or fled to Mozambique which isn’t still contested

Gandhi campaigned for British Colonisers to enlist Indians as soldiers & also championed for Indians to join British Colonisers army against Kaafirs. He wrote “There is hardly any family from which someone has not gone to fight the Kaffir rebels. Following their example, we should steel our hearts and take courage. Now is the time when the leading whites want us to take this step. And just to reiterate colonised Gandhi words “the leading whites want us to take this step” meant fight Indigenous Zulu whom Gandhi addresses as Kaafir. Despite the best efforts by Gandhi, British refused to enlist Indians as combatants but after Gandhis campaign accepted Gandhis offers of Indian volunteers but only as detached force detachment of Indians volunteer as a stretcher bearers to treat wounded soldiers. This corps of 21 was commanded by Gandhi himself. Gandhi still then urged the Indian population in South Africa to join the war for the Whites. 

For Gandhi Whites & Indians were bonded by Aryan bloodline with strong racist views against Indigenous Black but equally prejudiced against Indians indentured or slaves. Gandhi never missed an opportunity to show his loyalty to the Colonisers British Empire

Gandhi worked for British in Boer war too from 1899. the British authorities recruited National Volunteers Ambulance Corps NVAV of almost 1000 local White men. Gandhi actively pursued to the pressed for himself as stretcher bearer to be allowed to serve Whites.

During second Boer war Gandhi went overboard serving British Colonisers, even the stretcher bearers expenses were met indian community locally. 

Gandhi himself served at the Battle of Spion Kop along with 1000 Indians, (300 free and 800 Indian indentured labourers & slaves.

Gandhi was rewarded  Kaiser-I-Hind along with and other medals by the British for his work in Boer war.

He campaigned to fight and after being declined he was happy still to be Empire stretcher-bearer in the Boer War while the British occupied South Africa, he demanded guns in the aftermath of the Bhambatha Rebellion

He even toured the villages of India during the First World War as recruiter for the Imperial army & also recruited for British in Second World War.

Gandhi’s Non-Violence ain’t from #Indigenous #Bharat #Hindus 

But from Leo Tolstoy’s-‘The Kingdom of God Is Within You’ (Luke 17:21)

Jesus Christ said “To turn other Cheek”

The fake Fakery Faqeery of Colonised Gandhi was planted to hurt & hit all the #ChildrenOfCivilisation 

All #Indigenous#Bharat Children were sidelined by Gandhi

Gandhi was the best Policeman British had in India- Allen Wilkinson, ex British MP

The Colonisers rewarded him as Father of the Nation, which itself comes from Colonisers Land, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

To find a father to the oldest & the only  Civilisational Land was an insult to the Indigenous Bharat

Colonisers & colonised ecosystem calls India as an ‘idea’ meaning concept/creation of mind, fantasy or figment of imagination. Colonial Ecosystem sees India as an ‘idea’ born on 1947. 

On the contrary for the Indigenous Bharat ChildrenOfCivilisation it’s the eternal continuum of the Oldest & the Only alive Civilisation. The Civilisation inheriting the Defiant & valiant legacy of glorious ancestors surviving against the most tyrant aggressors known to the planet for the millenniums

Colonial Ecosystem of Colonised ridicules & denigrates Bharat as the representatives of our hunters in the Civilisational battle

Unless & until we Decolonise India, the Bharat can not be reinstated. 

Unless we Decolonise the mere mortals flying as legends or the Marich Mahatmas,  we shall keep getting sacrificed at the altar of the aggressors supremacy.

Marich was Ravan’s partner who as golden deer 🦌 was very appeasing to lead exiled Prince Ram & then even before dying summoned Lakshman to then facilitate Sita, the daughter of soil from Indigenous Bharat, being kidnapped.

What did Gandhi the so called Hindus mascot, do for Hindus? (apart from keeping them apologetic)

Did he sort Ram Temple?

Did he ban cow slaughter?

Did he declare universal acceptance Hindu Rashtra despite Civilisational #Indigenous #Bharat &  Land being partitioned on the basis of Islam?

Only Islam was given choice to carve out Islamic state but still the Indigenous #Hindus ate blamed

Gandhi distorted Islamic ‘Caliphate’ following the collapse of Ottoman Empire to Khilafat to British for Indian Independence which it wasn’t.

As in science the facts & data matters to then evolve our thinking & perspective in the light of new data or by uncovering the distortions.

It’s up to the readers to make up their own view of the facts but one thing we all need to make sure is to, #Decolonise India & Reinstate #Bharat

Analyst: Gandhi Created “Three-Tiered System” of Racial Segregation in South AfricaOrganization for Minorities of India

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