Personal Journey 

Thanks for the connect & your interest in in my own journey.

The Mother Civilisation has been so kind to me. My journey has been in three spheres

1-Growing up in Bharat household & found innocent civilisational naive values.

2- As part of Indian elite, it found gross misunderstanding or distortion of Bharat.

3- As Western elite, how the different thought processes between East & West can widen the rift wider than originally meant to.

Like to contribute building the bridges & trying to heal the wounded empathetic. My personal strong belief that if ever land up inflicting wounds on others innocent than we would have lost the battle even after winning it. The healing may upset some people but that’s Truth, Reconciliation & Healing ❤️‍🩹 is vital to bring diverse societies in the world closer 

Whilst working with all the ethnicities of world & Indians have unique pride with discomfort which started the journey to decipher the reasons. 

In this quest there are many things one stumbles on & it opened up more lines of enquiries like what’s Right/Left, Secularism, Nationalism, Religion,

Dharm, Civilisation, Indigenous, Diversity on the planet 

How to heal the world 

How we can unite all Indigenous under one umbrella 

How we can strive to create alliance with all global Indigenous

Happy to discuss, debate, learn, adapt, apologise if wrong, being corrected & striving to get better.

Let’s spread the light & quell the darkness.

May Mother Civilisations guide us & help us to create harmony in the world.

Tamaso Mā Jyotirgamaya

तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय 

Lead me from darkness to light.

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