Raja Ram HomeComing & Decolonisation Revolution

Shri Ram leading Decolonisation Revolution 

Reclaiming Ram Janambhumi from the barbaric mleech invader of foreign fake Religion is not just the celebration of Indigenous Bharat CIVILISATION but also starts the DeColonisation, DeInvadisation & IndiGenisation Revolution to heal the wounded Planet

World CIVILISATIONS in last two millenniums  are swallowed by CIVILISATIONAL hunters weaponised by a patriarchal, bigoted & fanatic ideology of fake Religion attacking humanity dehumanising them as non-believers calling them Heathen, Gentiles, Kaafir or people of non-book. Humanity shredded, Femininity trampled, LGBT trampled, Civilisations swallowed, Indigenous hunted, Continents invaded, Nations colonised, planet plundered & Righteousness caged by Religiousness bigotry 

Romans, Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Mesopotamians & all other CIVILISATIONS are buried by an ecosystem of fake Religion, they say Rome wasn’t built in a day but they don’t say how Rome was destroyed in a day, the day Constantine legalised Christianity 

Abrahamic ideology is an ideology legalising hunting non-believers in name of fake god while Brahmic ideology is Righteousness Dharm respecting others with mutual respect. Indigenous Bharat Ancestors believes in Righteousness which is so Diverse unlike Religiousness which is homogeneous with total surrender to commandments, like SheepHerd behind ShepHerd. One ain’t allowed to think beyond set of rules decided by the Hunter hiring  Wolf to fake as ShepHerd 

An ‘ideology’ was birthed by few bigots to attack humanity calling them non-believers creating an ecosystem of Religious hegemony which then hunted Civilisations after Civilisations. Roman, Greek, Germanic, Egyptian, Persian, Mesopotamian & all other were sacrificed at the altar of Hunters Supremacy & Exclusivity. Religious bigotry kept evolving & mutating like Virus to become more & more virulent to infect more & inflict more trauma on Planet. 

Bharat, The Sindhu CIVILISATION is wounded too by same virus that inflicted worst trauma exterminating every other Indigenous people globally. 

>100 Millions Children of Civilisation hunted, >60000 Temples demolished, Nation Partitioned & Civilisation wounded by same Hunters again & again but Glorious Ancestors stood tall against the worst tyrants known to the Humanity 

Righteousness is the core of the CIVILISATION, Ancestors are incredibly secure, smartly scientific, glorious warriors & an amazing intellectuals who see Planet as One UniVerse among harmonious MultiVerse. Ancestors speak in language of Planets, Stars, all beings & not just living but non-living too. Ancestors theorised not just origin of life but also the meaning of Life, respecting Diversity, acknowledging Inclusivity & never making it about ‘Supremacy & Exclusivity’. Femininity & Masculinity is just the Diversity of Humanity with Unity, Equity & Equality. 

Bharat celebrates many festivals, many Ancestors who they call BhagWan, IshWar, Dev, Prabhu which includes every gender including third, every humans, every living being, animals, rivers, mountains, oceans 

Ancestors never created hierarchy  which evolved as Occupational classed society.

Righteousness is the only thing that mattered and Righteousness is diverse & different to everyone, hence the Children of Civilisation never could become one herd, one gang or one team as team needs shared vision. 

Ancestors never discriminated anyone calling them non-believers. Righteous & UnRighteous is the only thing that divided CIVILISATION, nothing else

According to Puranas, Asura and Sura both are Rishi Kashyapa Children but from his two wives. Aditi births Suras, who are called Adityas-Devas and Diti births Asuras, who are called Daityas. Both fight each other for Swarg. The Suras attained Amrit- the immortality elixir. 

Those born of Rishi Kashyap wife Danu are called Danav. Dev exiled Danav from Swarg 

Rakshas & Yakshas are also the diversity of Civilisational family where no one was persecuted because of identity, the fights &  wars have only based on Righteousness VS UnRighteousness. 

Sur & Asur both are same family to the Ancestors in Righteous BrahmoSphere unlike UnRighteous AbrahmoSphere where non-believers ain’t allowed to co-exist

How would one define what’s Righteous then? That’s exactly what makes Sindhu Civilisation incredibly defiant & valiant how Righteousness is defined, it’s such a simple concept but too complex if one is prejudiced or biased. Righteousness varies as per situation & circumstances evolving with regard to individuals. Dharm is diverse, Dharm to Ram is different from what it is to Krishn. Righteousness is subjective but UnRighteousness is objective. Children of Civilisation unite only against UnRighteousness. DevAsur Sangram, Lanka Yudh & MahaBharat Sangram was Righteousness VS UnRighteousness. Ravan abducting Ram’s wife is UnRighteousness, Kaurav not giving Pandav share & rejecting compromise formula is UnRighteousness. 

Civilisation created concept of Shruti-Memoirs transmitted verbally generation by generation & Smriti-Recollections fixed over certain era written for reference point. Smriti was manipulated by Colonisers but Shruti kept Civilisation defiance ongoing. Colonial indoctrination led to Civilisational decay but still Hunters couldn’t exterminate Sindhu Civilisation even after millennium & half as compared to others. Civilisation has survived but wounded badly too, many nations are carved out especially in last few centuries 

Shri Ram homecoming is Diwali when the Diya made of same soil where Sita was born dispels the darkness to establish Righteousness following return from exile after triumph over every trial & tribulations for jubilations for CIVILISATION. 

Abrahamic invader Islamic bigot Babur demolished Ayodhya in the name of fake Religion to assert dominance of UnRighteousness Adharm over Righteousness Dharm which took 492 years to Reclaim by Righteousness 

Ayodhya is the CIVILISATIONAL Capital while Kashi is the Home of CIVILISATION. Ayodhya has profound importance not just to the Civilisation at home but to the World Civilisations. Ayodhya means Invincible, one that can’t even be fought. Invaders & Colonisers Mleech had targeted Ayodhya for long while Children of Civilisation defended for longer. No one can ever even imagine how much Ayodhya has impacted Nation & National politics even in modern times. So called Colonised experts at home or Children of Colonisers & Hunters abroad with biased perspective carry on ignoring the magnitude of Shri Ram importance to Children of Civilisation. The defiance of the Civilisation is misunderstood & importance of Civilisational legends are ignored by local Wolves & global Hunters ecosystem by gaslighting Lionesses & Lions. Innocent wounded Civilisation is poked even more. The global hunters ecosystem have kept Hindus suppressed for centuries despite being victims in the MillenniumOfTrauma. Hunters ecosystem knows that those who control the information controls the indoctrination by propaganda. Hunters story shall never glorify Lions but it’s the Lions who can challenge the hegemony anytime if the break the cages of Circus. This is exactly what happened on 6th December 1992. The Lions ROARED that day, even the local political Wolves hadn’t envisaged the might of Lions Pride who dismantled the barbaric dhancha to start healing the World. This is the first instance where an Indigenous Civilisation Reclaimed own Ancestral Home from Abrahamical Patriarchal Criminal bigoted ideology. Wounded CIVILISATION roared that day signalling the valiance from the defiance. 

Local colonial ecosystem created by Colonisers & Invaders did everything possible to cage the Lions again who had broken the cage finally on 6th December Decolonisation Revolution. Freedom is the best opium & anyone tasting it once can never go back to the cages wilfully whatever it takes. Innocent wounded KarSevaks Children of Civilisation were bullied, bulleted hunted, poked, humiliated & gaslighted at every step who gave no fuck to opinion of Sheep or thoughts of Wolves. ROAR got louder at every attack. Saryu to Sabarmati or Sindhu, Goa to Godhara everywhere innocent KarSevaks were attacked. Sabarmati Express on Godhra was burnt by Wolves killing innocent Children of Civilisation returning from Ayodhya on 27th February 2002 attacking the Civilisation again. CIVILISATION roared then, this was the final mistake of Shishupaal that was allowed. Civilisation took the matters in own hands catapulting the commoner Chai Wala to the highest throne of the colonial ecosystem. Civilisation created own LeaderShip to dismantle the colonial ecosystem. Decolonisation is Revolution happening in India to Heal the World. 

It wasn’t the Court who delivered the verdict but the Warriors on 6th December 1992. War is the ultimate court for the Warriors. Every era cumulates into the big war. DevAsur Sangram, Lanka War & MahaBharat Yudh are the examples. Righteousness & UnRighteousness are two sides of coins who keeps evolving, hence each Yug era there is an Avtar to lead Righteousness

Hindu Society mindset was caged & colonised during centuries of invasion & colonisation by conniving Wolves & global hunters. Bhakti movement made them dissociate Shakti & Marich Mahatma made them spin Charkha of non-violence weaving fake Chaadhar of Secularism to cover own vision. 

IshWar Allah tero naam didn’t prevent partition but Hindus are made to utter stupidity. Ancestors celebrate Dasshera by reminding everyone that Ravan shall be held accountable by Ram Shakti. Diwali & Ram Rajya is possible only after Ravan is held accountable. This is the fundamental message from Ramayan where Prince Ram accepts exile first before being Maryada Purushottam Raja Ram. Gita message is simple too, Karm is the only Dharm & it’s the Gandiv which establishes Dharm in KuruKshetra, not by debates in libraries.

Hindu Society got complacent during centuries of prosperity forgetting the Civilisational message. The last GameChanger from Civilisation is also the greatest Global GameChange on Planet too, Acharya Chanakya established Dharm Righteousness & undoubtedly the biggest reason that Indigenous Bharat Hindu Civilisation surviving despite every one else surrendered at the tyrants & religious bigots of Abrahamic Supremacy & Exclusivity fanaticism. Hindu Civilisation defiance & valiance is incredible, the last grand evolution from Civilisation was when Guru Gobind defended Civilisation with his own flesh, blood & children against Mleech 

Shri Raja Ram homecoming on 22nd January is healing the CIVILISATION and shall also resuscitate dormant Civilisations across the World buried by fake Religion millenniums ago. Any sane, scientific & unbiased person would celebrate the occasion and it’s totally understandable if Hunters ecosystem is crying hard. Anyone & Everyone has to make ‘a’ simple choice, Righteous Lions or UnRighteous Hunters. Which side are you? 


Indigenous Bharat ChildrenOfCivilisation

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