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Hindus don’t want more rights than what Muslimd or Christians. Hindus just want equal rights. Hindus donā€™t have 100% religious freedom. Other religions, except Hinduism can talk & teach about their religion in educational institutes around the world, except Hindus.

Abrahamics use their own religious dogmas to wipe out hinduism

What should Hindus do to defend themselves then?

  1. Congratulate hinduism first for last one standing, a remarkable achievement
  2. Carry on resisting. Calmly.
  3. Critque Westernization
    How to achieve these three ?
  4. Congratulate hinduism first for last one standing, a remarkable achievement. Read #IndiaThatIsBharat to understand how strongly the two global religions systematically wiped out old religions and faiths and india is the only country left where the majority is neither Christian nor muslim. Last country in the entire world . Be a proud Hindu.
  5. How to Calmly Resist conversion as a Hindu ?
    There are several ways.
  6. Do not greet them with a Goodmorning. Only Suprabhat/Shubhodaya /Namaste/Vanakam/ Radhe Radhe
  7. Insists on indic address (ji, avaru suffix )
  8. Eg. If you are Marathi, then
  9. Calmly continue to celebrate all hindu rituals
  10. Calmly speak in Marathi
  11. Calmly wear tilak , sari, dhoti, turban
  12. Calmly cook Marathi food.
  13. Calmly sing Marathi songs with pride and self confidence
    Example: How Ganeshotsav Became A National Festival: The Contribution Of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak.
  14. Fight against #EnglishImposition. Its ok as a second language, not first. It is not Superior to any desi language. And Indians didn’t need English to unite before and don’t need it now
  15. Refuse gifts with Abrahamic symbols if your gifts with Hindu symbols are refused. And say it out calmly.
    Example of Abrahamic symbols:
  16. Do not show happiness on receiving westernized Abrahamic gifts like alcohol, cigarettes, sheesha , cake, ham, cookies, chocolates, leavened bread šŸž.
    Like the Zamorin, the Calicut king, who considered Vasco da Gamaā€™s Olives as mediocre gifts.
  17. Continue to resist calmly by NOT following ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ to non Hindu guests visiting Bharat. Like this :
  18. Calmly resist any western prediction that india is becoming fascist by telling white people that their opinion on India does not count at all. They spread fear..stay calm..stay fearless.resist
  19. Do not party on 31 December every year. It is the feast of Sylvester, the Pope who converted Roman emperor Constantine into chritsianity and wiped out Nature worship in europe. Hindus Partying on 31 dec is like celebrating Hindu genocide.
  20. Do not extinguish a flame on birthdays. Do not do it yourself, do not make your child do it either. Instead , light a lamp. Tamasoma jyotirgamaya.

How to critique Westernization

  1. Recognise any western thought or practice first and then analyse it sasta and tikao? Is it dharmic or Adharmic? Talk about it , discuss it before accepting it or rejecting it. Do not blindly accept it. If you reject it, then hold the perpetrators of an adharmic practice or thought ACCOUNTABLE.

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