What is Nazi? 

Why does no one talks about Scientific facts of fake Religion?

Nazi is an ideology originated from Christianity OneGod fanaticism in pursuit of Christendom

Jews were attacked bcoz of traditional rivalry blaming them from Jesus crucification on the charges of Blasphemy

Saxon Germans appropriated it & the Nazi cross is actually Saxon-Thor Cross, a symbol of Saxon & Anglo-Saxon supremacy

British Royal Family is German Saxon family with Nazi links in Anglo-Saxon AngloSphere which includes American colonisation

Mussolini & Fascism was directly supported by Pope & Vatican Church which in turn inspired Hitler & Nazism 

Hitler & Mussolini died but Nazi & Fascist crossed Atlantic Ocean to Anglo-Saxon AngloSphere deep state 

Decolonisation is Revolution led by Scientific Facts to hold bigoted fanatics accountable & heal the World


Indigenous Bharat ChildrenOfCivilisation

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