Colonisers & Bastard children’s who call Crimes including Paedophila as just ‘White Mischief’

The Planet plundered & World wound Ecosystem in last two millenniums by an ideology of ‘Supremacy & Exclusivity’.

Supremacy of their own fanatic belief to then Excluding any Diversity by exterminating, killing, or converting Indigenous globally. They robbed, trampled, ransacked & then gaslight to dehumanise us by seizing our narrative too. Pain, trauma & suffering of Indigenous wounds falls on deaf ears. Our shrieks, cries & moans if it crosses the frequency to be audible for them, it’s then called ‘intolerance’‘.

Supremacy & Exclusivity’ evolves into 3.0 & then two different sided of same coin entered into the wildest race on the planet lasting more than millennium which is still ongoing. This is the longest travesty of Justice, the blind Roman lady Justitia who failed to provide Justice to her own Romans. She could have been blindfolded but how could she be deaf & dumb too.

Two ideologies split World as West & Middle East but the East defended their Civilisation with sweat, might, blood & flesh. For a millennium the Civilisation is wounded but we survived. Criminals, invaders & colonisers of each ideology did most gruesome & barbarian crimes. Some even gloried the name deriving from barbaric as Cat, calling self as Tiger, one of Mlecch (Sanskrit for invader or Coloniser) them from Timurid dynasty established Mughal invaders criminal empire in the Civilisational land of Bharat.

Barbaric Mlecch even demolished the biggest site of their faith, the Ram temple & it was done as mark of their domination to hoist their flags on the highest shrine of Indigenous faiths to then subjugate the populace & Indigenous population signalling that even their Raja Ram home is now an occupied by Barbaric.

World celebrates Raja Ram homecoming as Diwali & the world did for 492 years without even acknowledging that Ram own home was occupied. When world celebrated with lights & crackers the Children of Civilisation was nursing their wounds which was not just being inflicted but gets poked too day in & out in own Indigenous Civilisational land of millenniums.

Our faith became something they all can trample, our flesh anyone can prey & our land became a trophy for both ideologies.

Then Colonisers arrived, the only difference between invaders & colonisers is how they control or inflict wound. The invaders from inside with sword & the Colonisers from outside with dagger. But both bleed us & both wound us to death.

Now the Children of Abraham who are Invaders & Colonisers with their local Colonised sepoys & LanceNaik poke wounds of the wounded Children Of Civilisation.

AngloSaxon hunters hunted us inhumanly & committed worst crimes on planet formillenniums but they call it ‘White Mischief’. The Racists of highest order even called WhiteWash, Black crimes, Blackmail, White Color as fair & our brown/Dark shades as UnFair!!

The whole Colonised Ecosystem still gets funded by AngloSphere to exonerate criminals by gaslighting & blaming innocent victims. Here is an article by their darling mascot William Dalrymple, the Colonisers Child & the darling of Colonised writing history of the Indigenous Bharat.

As per African proverb, the history of hunt shall always glorify hunters unless & until lions learn how to read & write.

The Bharat Indigenous Lions shall not only write our own history but the his-story of our hunters too.

Please find attached this article & see our reviewWhite mischief | British identity and society | The Guardian

The ‘Children Of Colonisers’ WhiteWash the gravest & most inhuman crimes as not so ‘Standoffish’Colonisers adapted into Invaders style wrote Urdu poetry, attending Harems preying on Hindu girls but entering formal marital liaison with Islamic invaders which Salman Rushdie calls this multiculturalism as ‘Chutnification’.

How William Dalrymple himself a bastard children justifies the Bastard children of another Coloniser Pedophile Kirkpatrick & his criminal advances as ‘connected himself’ to 14 yr old to the justifying the inhuman act as ‘somehow managed to become pregnant’.

Grand-father of Khair un-Nissa threatened KirkPatrick to raise Muslims of the Deccan against British.

So when Coloniser KirkPatrick ‘Formally married’ Khair un-Nissa meant ‘embracing Islam’ & the senior ‘Colonisers questioned KirkPatrick loyalties’.

Dalrymple finds this story as an ‘Extraordinary story to get captivated by the city’.

James Dalrymple ancestor of William, tried to keep Child Khair un-Nissa away from Pedophile KirkPatrick.

James Dalrymple himself had married Begum Mooti Dalrymple, daughter of Nawab Masulipatam who had two children, boy & girl.

The Boy as sent to Madras grew up as Christian & was sent back to England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 & then Scotland while the dark Daughter kept in India grew up as Muslim – Noor Jahan Begum.

KirkPatrick Pedophile also had two Children born in India who were named Sahib Allum & Sahib Begum but then shipped to England, baptised as James & Kitty Kirkpatrick.

William Dalrymple writes that intermixing between Christianity & Islam wasn’t clash of Civilisation because of marriages.

Then he calls ‘English Sahib weren’t narrow minded’!! So to impregnate young vulnerable girls was quite open minded & generosity!!

His own great grandmother, descended from Hindu Bengali woman. His great great grandmother – Sophie Pattle descended from Hindu Bengali woman who married French Officer converted to Catholicism as Marie Monica. Lots of #Indigenous Hindu children & especially young girls (Dilipa Devi ) was abducted by invaders & Colonisers with many sold in brothels, sex slaves or some were taken as housekeepers few being called wife.

The apologist Dalrymple describes East Indian Company an infinitely more culturally, racially and religiously mixed place than modern Britain can even dream . So when East Indian company which is the biggest criminal ever on the planet with most inhuman crimes & criminal gaslighting calls it better than what modern Britain can ever dream.

‘1/3 of British men in 1780 left possession to Indian wives in their will – Anglo Indian’ The actual number must be so high. Apparently Dalrymple finds the Will as the surprising ties of intense affection and loyalty on both sides, with British men asking their close friends to be executors and to care for their Indian partners, referring to them as “well beloved” or “worthy friend”, and even – as Kirkpatrick’s will has it – “the excellent and respectable Mother of my two children for whom I feel unbounded love and affection and esteem.

The mostly unions of British Colonisers & Islamic invaders, both Abrahamic had a natural association with Hindu as common targets.

AngloSaxon Racist Colonisers had stAngloIndian wives & children were stratified based on Skin colour, however, depended on skin colour.

Racist Invaders & Colonisers created colonial ecosystem, discriminating #Indigenous based on colour.

Like #Apartheid ApartHood segregational policy.

Dark Skinned & NonCompliant-Slave

Dark & Compliant-Colonised

Fair & Compliant-Anglicised

They called White as Fair insinuating dark colour as unfair or sinners in the Land of Kali & Krishna.

The art industry was patronised around that time too and Bollywood is also the same colonial Ecosystem with still same racist gaslighting by the colonised.

One the East India Co. agent asked Warren Hastings, the governor-general of India, about what to do with his Anglo-Indian step-grandchildren: “The two eldest – [who] are almost as fair as European children – should be sent to Europe. I could have made no distinction between the children if the youngest was of a complexion that could possibly escape detection; but as I daily see the injurious consequences resulting from bringing up certain [darker-skinned] native children at home, it has become a question in my own mind how far I should confer a service in recommending the third child” to proceed to England. It was decided, in the end, that the “dark” child should stay in India, while the others were shipped to Britain”.

The Children & bastard children of Colonisers were then had to go through skin colour prejudiced prism like Apartheid segregational policy.

One of the most unashamedly enthusiastic British embracers of Mughal culture during this period was General Sir David Ochterlony: every evening, all 13 of his Indian wives went around Delhi in a procession behind their husband, each on the back of her own elephant.

Ochterlony’s was worried if his two daughters should be brought up as Muslim or Christian. “If Christian, they would be constantly derided for their “dark blood” Ochterlony hesitated to bring them up as Muslims.

A letter from another Scot opted to bring up his dark children as Muslim Indians & admits that he hadn’t come to a positive decision.”

This intermixing was disliked by Christian proselytising Evangelicals in the 1830s and 40s.

As with collapse of Islamic Mughal invaders rule & rise of Colonisers influence the intermingling gradually declined & thankfully ceased after 1857 when British realised the steel of Indian resistance first time.

The wills written by dying East India Company servants began to decline: from turning up in one-in-three wills between 1780 and 1785, they are present in only one-in-four between 1805 and 1810. By 1830, it is one-in-six; by the middle of the century, they have all but disappeared.Biographies and memoirs of prominent 18th-century British Indian worthies that mentioned their Indian wives were re-edited in the mid-19th century so that the consorts were removed from later editions.

The mutiny of 1857 merely finished off the process. Afterwards, nothing could ever be as it was. With the British victory, and the genocidal spate of hangings and executions that followed, the entire top rank of the Mughal elite was swept away and British culture was unapologetically imposed on India.

Even when East & West, Islam & Christianity were engaged in major confrontation globally but this unlikely group of expatriates entered in an alliance against Indigenous Hindu Civilisation.

The bigotry, prejudice, racism, & HinduHatred brought Abrahamic Invaders & Colonisers together to then drive them apart when they became threat to each other & Hindus had stopped becoming threat after being Colonised.

Colonial Ecosystem was created & nurtured which is still empowered sadly.

Unless & until we #Decolonise India, the Indigenous Bharat shall neither be reinstated nor heal.

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