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Women’s Objectification is not new to our society/country/world, it has been going on ever since the invasion & colonisation of Bharat took place centuries ago.

We keep coming across many incidents of Objectification of Women. It can be traced anywhere in every part of the world.

No country is untouched with such heinous crimes committed by people living among us, with us.

When we talk about a disease, we must also know the cause of it for its diagnosis and following treatment.

Similarly, we have to tackle the root cause of this looming menace of Objectification of Women.

How it started and how it reached almost every family and is belittling the worth of women in our society.

Let’s Get Started

!Before the invasion & colonisation of Bharat (India), there was no such heinous concept of Objectification of Women.

Bharat is a land of Kali, Durga Lakshmi, we call our country Mother India -Bharat Mata, what originally our vocabulary is.

So when and how things went wrong and how no one tried to fix them either? We must talk about this and raise awareness among the youth of our society.

Hence if we go back a little to the incidents that took place in the past (not many centuries ago) we can answer this question very easily. It’s the Abrahamic Patriarchy from where it all began.

Tomb of a Patriarch

There is a tomb of a Patriarch 30 km from Jerusalem, which was named after the death of Abraham’s wife Sarah, the land where Abraham and his family members were buried, was named Patriarchs. (Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Israel )

They could have named the Matriarch as well but no!

Therefore,implying the psychology of the ideology that put down women and started caging them.And since then till now, it has spread all over the world and so in India too.

One prevailing ideology that does not respect women & hence the person involved ends up objectifying women.

So anyone who holds such an ideology of caging women, demeaning them, objectifying them, is a threat to society.

Also, there is an important point to note here what role does the media play in shaping and constructing the mindset of our youth.

If you note Bollywood is playing a huge role in impacting the psychology of our youth.

In our Vedas the term Brahaman means a person who has the knowledge of the universe, and how can a person having the universal knowledge be Patriarchal? How can it be Brahmanical Patriarchy?

The term brahman means a person who has the knowledge of the universe, and how can a person who has such a vast knowledge be patriarchal?

The roots of Patriarchy is Abrahamanical

So let’s Smash this Abrahamic Patriarchy which has been caging our brave lionesses & trampling their rights for millennium.

Prominent Example of Women’s Objectification

Best examples of Objectification of women can be quoted from Bollywood songs and movies.

Everyone must have heard the song “Tu cheez badi hai mast mast” what kind of lyrics have been written, and what message is this song conveying to society? Isn’t it pure Objectification of Women?

Similarly, there are many such examples of women’s Objectification. If we put such minute things, and incidents under the microscope we can figure out how badly such movies and songs are creating a divide in our society, & how derogatory they are to the existence of women.

The beauty pageant, Miss World etc is WoMen objectification

Western World Religion doesn’t even have single WoMen as divinity or goddess, neither a single goddess or divine feminine figure nor even a single Lady Warrior.

Innocent WoMen were wounded, traded as commodities, caged & then locked in the ideology of the Patriarchal Religion with fake men being the gatekeepers.

WoMen reduced to either a birthing machine Womb to propagate by breeding patriarchal children or sex object to please her own hunters.

Innocent WoMen was reduced to genitals changing calling her Aurat, the literal word meaning genitals

Western World commoditised traded WoMen & even to father daughters were just a property. The Custom- Father giving away Bride is actually the transfer of ownership from Father to Bride.

Dower or Mehr was the Price of the Bride & Groom had to pay, returning the amount if marriage was dissolved by Men.

WoMen were given no authority. WoMen had to fend for own self. Many Western Philosophers called Marriages as obstruction to Society consuming WoMen only for sexual gratification & many illegitimate children were thrown in the Society

The Women’s participation in the Society was denied & even to get the basic voting rights, Western Women had to agitate as Suffragette Movement

Bharat on the contrary had always been the land of the Divine Goddess, Durga wielding Power, Saraswati granting Knowledge & Lakshmi gifting Resources.

Invaders & Colonisers brought Patriarchy to the Bharat, glorious Women of Bharat were also caged by foreign oppressors while Indigenous

Society also gradually restricted indoors as defense to save own self or WoMen from Patriarchal traders of WoMen

Journey of Women’s Healing is yet to begin & it’s the Journey that only WoMen can shall LeadUnless

WoMen break their own cages from Patriarchal hunters ourselves, we shall not Liberate & heal the generations.

WoMen aren’t just the Powerful but the Shakti in herself. In Women as Nature lies the Power to birth the whole UniVerse from MultiVerse


Nature is Femininity & Nurture is Masculinity

It needs incredible strength to Birth Create, procreate & Genesis of Life.

Strong forces of Nature commands & control Masculine Nurtures, whose only purpose is to facilitate

NatureWoMAN protects & even hides the MAN inside her

Polarity in two gender poles or Diversity of Femininity & Masculinity has the Unity of Humanity tooBiased blinded or Extremist world who see two poles or Black & White ignores>50 shades of Grey

Nature Prides celebrating each colour Equally as Diversity & not in Equality

Fake FeMENIsts from the West turn Haters totally undermining their advocacy or activism Abrahamic trampled WoMen for two millenniums in the West & their activism doesn’t address the real reason or from where the prescription of Patriarchy comes from

As I said – While traversing our Righteous journey in pursuit of healing ❤️‍🩹 our wounds if we ever turn into the same haters as those who inflicted traumatic wounds on us & World then we shall lose the battle even after winning the War.

Our journey is only to heal our wounds by holding the hunters accountable & undermining the supremacy of the supremacists for harmonious world order, not about asserting our Supremacy or replacing them with us.

That’s exactly what sets the Righteous path different from hunters

Isn’t Cinderella being saved by Prince as Abrahamic Patriarchy?

Abrahamic Patriarchy has wounded the women most, sadly, it’s still inflicting the wounds & caging them.It’s still taking away their bodily rights.It’s still exploiting them.

Medieval Western Societies didn’t allow WoMen to be treated more than Vagina or Uterus either or helper of the Man!

Finally, I would like to say, do the microanalysis of every situation on your own, and try to hit on the roots of Patriarchy which is Abrahamic in nature and not Brahmanical as many news media authors mention.

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