World Journey

As we traverse the journey, world becoming modern, humans are evolving the society seems to be getting more segregated & volatile

To actually fix something we need to know what’s exactly broken. Any clinician can’t help patients unless good  diagnostician. 

The unquenchable thirst in humans to learn, adapt, correct, evolve & seek justice for things gone wrong made us come this far

We haven’t come this far just to stay this far. 

It’s fundamental for us to heal our historical wounds before we cross our next evolutionary hurdle 

The world peace is like a Covid immunity, either we all shall get it or we all shall suffer 

There is lot more of diverse human interaction & migration but sadly not much integration.

It’s fundamental to converse & exchange ideas which leads to integrate & cohesion, in absence of communication no one can stop the inevitable breakdown of even the closest & strongest relationships. But still we are expecting very diverse cohorts to integrate, it’s impossible if we continue this way

Here is an attempt by an atheist, a factual & scientific attempt without political correctness & bias.

The political correctness in modern world has broken down the communication, erected big walls among diverse cohorts leading to ghettoisation. People interact but don’t integrate. The political correctness keeps people guarded & at tenterhooks worried about upsetting each other. The communications are kept bare minimal missing warmth to melt the ice between cold transactions

It’s crucial to analyse why we have come to this fragile & labile society. The foundation & edifice of the modern  society is so weak, hollow & shallow that even gentle gust of wind shakes the whole structure. 

To plan way ahead we need to look back where we come from, retrace our steps from where our journey started 

We evolved our billion years & the last big evolution gifted us with the power to think, analyse & comprehend. The human brain started guiding our animal instincts. As we reasoned we sought answers and found solace in the concept of God whatever we couldn’t reason

The concept of God helped humans to rest their evolving thinking brain & park their fears into mythical supreme god. Many Indigenous naturalistic faiths polytheistic faiths beliefs emerged & world was harmonious. Many discoveries & inventions happened, multiple empires flourished & people prospered too

Then evolution of newer religions made them organised & many mortals started using them as vehicle for expansion, domination & suppression.

The concept of unknown god evolved into known ‘One’ god 

Any individual, group, belief, ideology, cult, personality who thinks themselves as ‘Supreme’ is fundamentally disrespectful to others & when they start ‘excluding’ non-believers then it’s leads to fanaticism

For Diversity to be meaningful it has to include Diversity of ‘thought’ which sadly ain’t the case currently.

Supremacist & Exclusivist can not & shall not allow ‘Diversity of Thought’

In last few millenniums the planet was plundered, world was ransacked & humanity was shredded in the name of god.  The legends crumbled & mere mortals flew with every spin of earth, rise of sun & change of seasons. The invaders & colonisers trampled humans, genocide, robbed, ransacked & wounded world

The fellow humans were traded as commodities in market, thankfully World evolved following humans unquenchable thirst to seek justice. 

Inhuman things happened in past and no one responsible is currently around but many wounded who are nursing deep old wounds are 

Wounds if allowed to fester for long can turn gangrenous needing amputation sometimes. World keep seeing amputations but wounds hasn’t not healed yet.

Unless we heal wounds, the world peace shall stay elusive

Seeking justice CANNOT be inflicting wounds on innocent as some highly passionate activists are making it sadly, healing wounds goes further. It helps reconciliation without hatred

Unless we build a society based on mutual respect not tolerance, apologies & amend historical wrong, 

Sadly the diversity is reduced to superficial different types of faces & colours. It’s practiced currently as ‘We don’t mind different looks of ppl as long as they behave same’. Had diversity included fundamental Diversity of ‘thought’ then world wouldn’t suffer in last millenniums punishing all diverse thoughts which includes diverse thinking & behaviour e.g faith, sexuality, lifestyle choices, colour or anything we can think of

The pot keeps simmering pot & once in a while when it get too volatile the steam heats up & challenges the ecosystem. e.g slavery, women rights, colonisation, independence, world wars, multiple racial, gender, & beliefs uprising (springs). The the society keep knocking on the thought diversity which had bolted thought diversity. 

Black Lives Matter, Israel, Jerusalam & many more wounds are still festering 

Westerners are very protected from real world day to day struggles & pampered to total insulation from the jolts rest of world face day in & out. Westerner innocently & naively don’t actually know it. To make it worse for the rest of the world, the Westerners have disproportionate influence on the worlds narrative too. 

It’s impossible for non-Westerners to challenge status quo as narrative is so strongly controlled by West. The current universal world view, perspective & even mannerism is pretty much only Western

Mannerism ain’t universal but varies between each group, cohort, society & culture, sadly many don’t get this basic that Western mannerism ain’t universal

So when non-Westerner tries to let world know of their story, pain, trauma, suffering of wounds, they don’t even get heard unless they are anglicised or part of Western AngloSphere. This Ivory tower elite club has special secret access & if someone gets fragile access then people have to appease ‘vanguards’ to keep access alive

Just giving access to someone or even letting them sit on table doesn’t mean you like like them, you may just see them. It doesn’t mean you listen to them, you may just hear them. It doesn’t mean you respect them, you may just tolerate them.

It’s so arrogant & supremacist to call oneself tolerant, are we meant to just tolerate others. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had built society with inbuilt ‘mutual respect’? The mutual respect doesn’t mean both parties got to agree with each other but they can respect each other perspectives acknowledging each other’s views even if two different poles from each other’s

Why did we not do it so far? The same supremacist & exclusivist ideology can’t accept mutual respect, most mercy one can get is the ‘tolerance’

If we haven’t so far then what, what’s stopping us now? 

We haven’t come this far to be held back now. We are humans with unquenchable thirst for justice & insatiable urge to heal wounds. 

The Covid has been the biggest disruption of the planet so far, lot bigger than world wars. The World Wars were essentially Western Wars at the time when West was the World & rest of the world didn’t count much. 

Ironically the World is taught that Columbus discovered America but many don’t know that Columbus lost the route on his voyage to India while looking for spice trade & landed on an island inhabited with indigenous people who looked liked Indians. America & natives existed long before Columbus. 

The right story would be Indigenous people found Columbus lost on their island but the story turned out to be Columbus discovered America. The Indigenous lives changed forever which is still relevant. The American Independence Day is story waiting to be corrected. The 1776 Declaration of Independence was only from Crown not from Colonisers. The America actually never got independence. The colonisers turned invaders & then settlers. The insecurity of settlers scared of Indigenous native Indians made them keep guns in garb of Liberty which kills people even now.

It’s even more ironic that nation which colonised 90% of current world nations certified itself as ‘Great’ Britain and the one who has monarch as the head of state sermonises world on democracy. The Empire which was funded by worlds destruction & the Crowned Head heading is still adorned by robbed jewels & Kohinoor!

Monarchy’s ‘House Of Lords’ has hereditary & ‘Church Of England’🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿members but preach Equality & secularism!

The morality has become very fluid & it’s seems to adapt how it suits. The Slavery was fine and so was Colonialism which masqueraded as Capitalism, then Nationalism & Religion was exploited to invade & colonise.

After robbing & building resources the Socialism & Democracy seems to be the flavour till it suits.

Even after WW2 the victors rewarded themselves with ‘veto’. Even champions of democracy don’t even acknowledge that ‘veto’ is fundamentally against democracy.

As African proverb says: Unless lions learn how to write, the story of hunt shall always glorify hunters. Ironically the lions don’t get access to write their stories

But it ain’t just about lions or hunters but it’s about our jungle. The civilisation & humanity is about curbing animals instincts of humans & building peace in jungle turning it into habitable society & world. 

The Covid has disrupted World like never before, like principle of physics the particles settles in an order after disruption or chaos. Even if they are settled in order they are continuously in disarray causing next big disruption, the equivalent of our evolutionary hurdle. 

Covid has United world like never before; it was humanity vs a bug. All 192 countries disrupted against ‘a’ bug. Nothing EVER United all of us. As we win this battle can we stay United & reach the potential we are meant to

As world prepares for post Covid, the newer world shall be very different. 

Many speak about leaving greener planet for next generation, why do we not seek less violence less bloody less red planet than we inherited

Isn’t this humans unquenchable thirst & insatiable desire?

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